Thursday, August 21, 2008

4 ears kitty..

the kitty, named yoda, belongs to an old couple in chicago. the "extra ears" is believe to be a result of mutation. it doesn't help with its hearing, but the kitty is in good health n has perfect hearing. what an adorable Alien !!


  1. I saw the cat picture on yesterday newspaper.

    It's really different.

  2. Wow, 1st time saw this!!!

    The name is powerful too, Yoda? Should I call Master Yoda? Hehe...

  3. 4 ears????

  4. Erm.... 4 ears? Very abnormal =,= yet it worths to see =)

    BTW, Why Akira wanna call him Master Yoda?

  5. Meh. Faith the 2 legged dog totally owns this 4 eared kitty. :)

  6. wow~~amazing...
    haha...this kitty eyes very cute...

  7. Amazing kitty !!

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  8. ohhh... but they look good on her, though. They look like ribbons...

  9. jchan: that is the exact reason i decided to post its picture up here. ;)

    akira: first for the pointy ears, second for George Lucas' cat was named yoda as well. XD

    joshua: 嗯,他们相信是基因的问题。原本还想把多余的耳朵给割掉,但是看它没什么大碍,就取消了念头。:)

    barbie: yoda is the name of the character in star wars. he is the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, therefore people called him Master yoda. :)

    btw, akira meant he wanna be called master yoda, because he is a huge fan. :D

    宝茹: simply adorable. ;)

    deimos: well, it's not about comparing either. they are both unique in their own ways. :)

    梦幻园主之雯: still so innocent. XD

    frank: indeed. :)

    shiera: it looks like horns to me. totally feel like rubbing them. XD

  10. Haha, then can I have one dog to be called as Darth Vader? Or you can consider change your Prince name to other Star Wars's character too... hehe...

  11. it looks like little horns XD~ very very cute lil kitty although it's mutated

    time for two headed kitten!

  12. akira: wait wait, although i know you love star wars very much, i have no intention of changing his name !! XD

    elezend: wow the kitten (kittens?) rocks !! i wonder how they looked like when they grew up. :D

  13. Haha, just for a suggestion, hmm, maybe Punk Skywalker? Haha...