Wednesday, August 13, 2008


what is blogging to you ??
to bloggers, especially daily-bloggers like us, it means the world. Our World.
to commoners, unfortunately, it is just another online diary or website ..
the most valuable treasure is nothing less than the arrival of daily readers, whom slowly began to understand, n eventually Care. "wholehearted" comments served as the most sincere support one could receive.

my posts were sometimes commented as being too emotional, or namely "sarcastic rants". disturbed, but it won't stop me from continuing my writings. i believe my emotions are most sincere that instant i'm feeling it.
ain't Emotions what makes humans Unique n interesting than the other living beings ??
for that reason alone, i do not despise any negative feelings. in fact, i treasure it as it makes me feel alive; i treasure it for "without sadness, we can't taste happiness to the extreme". for i'm who i am .. Unique n Proud of it ..

besides ranting, we too share the Passion of Writing. some said i'm poetic, n some said my posts are "literature"s too complicated to understand. personally, language is an Art. twist n turn it, n you might discover a miniature kingdom under the rock ..



  1. Woo hoo! first again!

    Blogging for me initially started out as a online diary for me to record my memories...since i have a bad memory. But along the way, I didn't realized we can actually make friends through blogging which is a huge bonus for me. hahaha

    Well its still very much enjoyable

  2. I'm started to blogging was after my first oversea vacation.

    Well, actually blogger world, we can make friends. But depend the situation as a real one. xp

  3. marcus: adding to your statement, i didn't realize we can make friends who actually "connect" with us mentally. that would be My side of Bonus. ;)

    now that you mentioned, you haven't update for more than a week now .. *snooping around*

    jchan: unfortunately some blogger buddies didn't really seemed to care. n drop repetitive or even similar comments with the hope that .. well, i don't even know what they want. attention maybe ??

  4. Wow, this is a nice post!!! You wrote the passion of bloggers inside!!!

    Yeah, from blogging, I make a lots of friends, include you as well!

    I started blogging since I found out that blogging is part of sharing and exchanging ideas too!

    It is nice to know you!!!

  5. 赞同!


  6. In the first place, I blog simply becuz I got the guts to lol... I started blogging when I was in high school, 11th grade, and the contents were mostly about my Disney, Barbie, and kids stuffs collections *blushing*

    When times passes by, I then makes some more great friends via blogospere! Some of them are just way too nice that I can't describe them into words. When I'm on the cloud 9, they're there to share joys with me, and when I'm down, I got so many nice and caring comments which can at least make me feel like my voice is being heard, and most definitely feel warm becuz of them. It's a priceless bonus I can treasure from blog =) I know Princess Levian becuz of blogging too, so wat? =)

  7. oh my dear!i saw ur photo on the street la!

    (check it out akira's blog~~=D)

  8. Blogging is about sharing. Discussing with friends and strangers about anything in the world. :)

  9. Blogging on my side if to achieve self-fulfillment since it's a type of hobby.

    As for online journal... not really since I don't write about myself most of the time just a place where I can express my personal opinion

  10. akira: i believe it is essential to see the Beauty in blogging, since most of the time we're blamed for being too emotional. but hey, despite the Cons, there are Pros too !! ;)

    梦幻园主之雯: 感觉上,是自己的“努力”被人承认了,对吧?我也有这感觉呢。;)照片我看到了,呵呵。我竟然变广告了!*羞* XD

    barbie: 11th grade, that makes you a college student now ??

    blogging buddies come n go. those few who stays since the beginning are definitely considered as treasures. but of course, there are new comers as well. those who make blogging all so interesting. new discoveries as long as we keep an open-mind. ;)

    宝茹: especially stuffs that might be unknown to people out there. ;)

    elezend: i often sense contentment from your post. i believe that's might be the reason you barely rant ?? that is such a rare treasure, you're super lucky, housemate. ;)

  11. [what is blogging to you ??]

    To do the following:
    - share
    - harvest search engine traffic
    - monetize
    - network

    Other than that, it is nice to network with a few fellow local bloggers sincerely.

  12. language is art!!!!!cheers!!!!

    give me 5*5!!!!!hahhahah

  13. i oso owes wonder. why every one starts blogging?

    is blogging just only a trend??

    but ur writings are towards ur emotion. mine more to pictures i guess

  14. Yup, I can see that... Being emotional is good also, because you can release the tension here too! I found out that you successfully made your blog into a special one... =)

  15. deimos: are the local bloggers you mentioned from kl too ??

    joshua: it is indeed. glad to be sharing the same passion with you. ;)

    sharon: i believe it did started out as a trend. but for those who didn't blog because they like it had probably stop by now. :p

    akira: n i can have fun making it flowery too !! :p my blog is special ?? didn't know which aspect did you refer to, but i'm still pretty much flattered. thank you !! =3

  16. Special? Yeah... 1st is the header, 2nd is the soft music being played, 3rd is the pure white background, and 4th is the post for each day... Yeah!

  17. Yeah dear! I'm a freshman in college now *blushing* It's a little weird, right?*blushing* Whatever! Being young at heart is not a crime :P Lol...

  18. Is it people now dun have blog is Not up-to-date??

  19. @levian:

    [are the local bloggers you mentioned from kl too ?? ]

    The ones that I actively network with are not from KL. :)

  20. akira: n you're gettin so excited for listing it out !! XD so glad you find it special, at least i get to know someone is appreciating n enjoying it. *grateful* :)

    barbie: woa, hold the horses, princess !! i did Not say you're childish or anything similar. i just calculated backward instinctively when you mentioned when you started blogging, nothing more. *clearing the misunderstanding*

    pui: blogging did started out as a trend, but i believe it didn't matter even if one didn't own it. :)

    deimos: that make us possible candidates too. woohoo !! :D

  21. It surely does! You also supported me also, how lucky am I!

  22. akira: you have plenty of people to support you. no worries. ;)

  23. Hah hah... I am reasonable, Princess! Any forms of misunderstanding can't be reached ^ ^ Heh heh...

  24. barbie: sure hope so. since i won't want anyone jumping to the wrong conclusions here. ;)