Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gundam 00 Mobile Suits and Meisters

with the excitement of the upcoming season 2, i came across a detailed description of the mobile suits (MS) n its gundam meisters (masters) whist browsing through the web for pictures of Tieria.

the advancement are easily noticeable from the clear listing taken from Gundam 00 website, especially when the 2 seasons are placed side by side. October is just 2 months to go !! *anticipating* ;)

mobile suits for the First Season:

mobile suits for the Second Season:

gundam meisters for the First Season:

gundam meisters for the Second Season:


  1. The second one look more stylish compare to the 1st.

    Is it powerful too... haha, can't wait to watch it. ^^

  2. gundum!!!!!!!=)

    let me think about the game...........=)

  3. I'm waiting for it too! Yeah!!! More gundam to see!!!

  4. XD man those guys are freaking good looking

    nowadays anime boy chars are getting more and more good looking especially after the code geass =3

  5. jchan: i find it cool as well. but for now, i'm more into the first season's mobile suits. more familiar maybe .. ;)

    joshua: you played it ?? i watched some part of it, n actually mistook it as some ova. it looks so similar to anime, too believing !! :D

    akira: who is your favorite in double o ?? *whisper: go tieria go* :p

    elezend: code geass the anime ?? *google-ing it out* i'm currently catching a vampire themed anime .. man they are streaming HoT !! =3

  6. =( So many Gundam's huge fans here =( I've never watched this yet =( So no idea =(

  7. @elezend, good looking? for girls i think..those guys look more sissy lar...-_-''

    for those new MS gundam, only the head parts look better. body including hands & legs not as cool as previous, but colors making them nice.:D

  8. Haha, I prefer Lockon, and his gundam, Dynames! Yeah!

    I love Gundam Strike Freedom the most, hehe...

  9. barbie: you might grow to like it if you give it a chance. ;)

    pui: it kinda depends on the general drawing as well, as the technique improves along time, n became prettier. :D

    akira: go lockon go !! *tries to ignore the advertisement of strike freedom* :p

  10. @pui that's because me and levian are both girls =P it's the same when guys are watching harem anime -.- those girls too sissy to be real in real life.

    The vampire theme anime is vampire knight?

  11. elezend, pui: lets just .. let anime be anime eh, as long as we are enjoying it. ;)

    yesh, housemate. do you know any other ?? *super duper interested* =3

  12. Haha, I bet you will love Gundam Seed if you have watched it... Maybe I can send you some DVDs? hehe...

  13. Torrents are blocked in uni, housemate T.T so can't watch more anime ~.~

    Try Gundam Seed as introduced by Akira if you want robots XD

  14. hoho..
    can't wait to see the 2nd season either!!
    2 months to go...
    but i'm a bit upset coz the design of the mechas don't change much..

  15. akira: are you changing your status to be my anime supplier now ?? first death note, now this. i'm flattered. :p

    elezend: i'm still a gundam newbie compare to you, housemate. my next gundam target (besides the second season) is definitely aiming for seed !! *smirking*

    cloudet: i suppose their intention is to still represent the original ?? but we're waiting for the next season nonetheless. ;)

  16. Haha, if you want, I can do that! Hehe... I got lotsa anime here too, can share with you of course!

  17. akira: supplier found !! XD i'm not gonna be greedy now, gonna finish the death note before i proceed any further. ;)

  18. Haha, I can be your official supplier for anime and songs, right? Hehe... Ya, I know, let you finish and enjoy the rest of Death Note ya!

  19. akira: anime n Chinese songs, yup !! ;) the fight between Kira n Near is starting to get predictable, i want something special, quick !! *demanding*

  20. Somehow gundams in first season looks better.