Monday, August 11, 2008

Saw II (2005)

Saw II

adding a little twist to the game, the film managed to impress me with its unexpectedness, which is definitely an add to the film. it wasn't easy for everyone to "play by the rules" even if their life depends on it. but for those who did, they might just ended up alive. maybe sometimes that is exactly what we need to do, to just follow the rules .. *thoughtfully*

some backgrounds on the movie:
- director: Darren Lynn Bousman
- released: 2005
- casts: Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith, Erik Knudsen
- language: English
- genre: Thriller/Crime

the Saw sequel:
- Saw (2004)
- Saw II (2005)
- Saw III (2006)
- Saw IV (2007)
- Saw V (2008)


  1. More chainsaw carnage!!!

  2. I've never seen this movie before, but why I feel sort of fimiliar with the latest pic of yours? Feeling like I saw this pic once somewhere? Perhaps in my dream? Oh boy! That won't happen, so where? No idea!

    I'm diffrn from ya again =( Barbie don't like watching horror movies *nail biting*

  3. I've never seen any Saw movie... and I don't ever intend to. I just can't take it *-*

  4. What exactly is the storyline and plot in the saw series anyway?

  5. ur songs is getting nicer now! love love!

  6. kljs: "chainsaw" is always the first impression. but its unrelated. :p

    barbie: what picture are you referring to ?? the screen capture from Saw II ?? maybe you saw similar pictures from my first Saw review ??

    i won't consider this a horror movie, since nothing jumps out of anywhere. i'm Not a fan of ghost stories either. but for psycho killer films, like Saw n Hannibal, the idea is absolutely Thrilling !! :D

    shiera: the "cutting human into pieces alive" part eh, most of those around me can't accept these extreme scenes either. there there .. *pat on the shoulder*

    Pembrokeshire: boxset ?? there are more episode coming !! :D

    deimos: its all about testing human limits - vital points that killed, extreme situations that tested the test subjects' will to live, n their ability to follow the rules.

    its like a game, you follow the stages to complete it, n you'll have the chance to get away Alive, having a second chance to live. btw, the test subjects are picked for their own reason. to forgive maybe, or to let go of the past, or to appreciate the perfect life they currently have.

    very Interesting if you don't mind the gory scenes !! :D

    sharon: so glad you love it !! ;)

  7. gosh.. i dont like this movie..-__-

  8. I saw Saw (haha!) a few times and its a classic horror movie now. But Saw 3 and 4 isn't dat good. And all of the Saw movies are a continuation. so if u are really interested in the story, u should watch all of them ;) And there will be Saw 5 next year....

  9. elmo: i solely like its ideas. ;)

    raymond: instead of "horror", it should be a "thriller", since it ain't no ghost story n nothing jumps out of nowhere to give you a heart attack.

    yes, in fact i have watched all 4 of them. n btw, Saw 5 is coming out This year. guess you didn't finish reading: Saw (2004), Saw II (2005), Saw III (2006), Saw IV (2007), Saw V (2008) .. it is a Halloween movie after all. ;)

  10. So basically some psycho old man picked up a few unlucky mofos here and there and put them all in this mad game of see and saw?

  11. Haha, not my favourite type of movie, too much blood, and I dont like it... =p

  12. Psycho Ranking by Marcus:
    for his very refined and calm and smart personality..Easily outsmarts his victims. LIkes to play with his..erm food.

    for his intelligence in manipulating the victims to kill themselves. His methods of teasing his victims and mind games he designed are really masterpieces.

    Uses her cute personality to lure unsuspecting victims which will end up having some parts of their body bitten off or having their blood drained. Never underestimate what carnage lies under that demure body of hers.

  13. Probably deimos type of movie since it contains ketchup ^_^

  14. deimos: [see n saw] XD it has nothing to do with sawing btw (except for the first Saw). but .. yeah, something like that. definitely worth a watch !! go for it, deimos !! especially if you love stickman as much as i do .. XD

    akira: hehe bear with me, another 2 more to come. close your eyes n it'll be over soon. ;)

    marcus: thanks to hannibal i seriously wanna taste out human brain .. tastiest among human body part ?? how can you not be lured !! *inhale n remain calm*

    u were calling ?? well, i'm like .. totally Not evil. at all. *puppy eyes* so, which part were u referring to again ?? =3

    elezend: ketchup makes it all so much more believing !! *slurp*

  15. =,= Sorry dear =( I meant the last pic, not latest! Spelling mistake lol...

  16. Haha, is ok! I want to know more too, but not to watch it ya, hehe... XD

  17. barbie: oh the puppet. it is used through out the first few episode. i can't remember if the forth is also using it though ..

    akira: no worries, it's not like i'm making you watch it. just choose what you're interested will do. ;)

  18. Haha, maybe you can introduce me some vampires movie? Kinda interesting for me...

  19. akira: i do have some vampires' movies in my previous movie posts: the queen of the damned, the classic bram stoker's dracula, john carpenter's vampires, lucy liu's rise: blood hunter, n the more recent 30 days of nights .. definitely more to come if i come across anything else. ;)

  20. Oh, I watched 30 days and nights, quite interesting... But not that much blood inside, XD

  21. akira: i remembered some ?? but it was quite brutal since they uses the "mindless vampires" theme. try Bran Stoker's, although the movie was quite old, it is a real classic. elegant n mystified vampire. ;)

  22. Haha, I still remembered the movie scene of vampires which I watched long long long time ago! It is all about Count Dracula in a castle, right?

  23. akira: ahh, that sounds like Bram Stoker's. :D yes, that's the one. walking so slow but vanishing in a blink. splendid !! ;)