Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saw IV (2007)

Saw IV

this is one of the worst Saw among the sequel. with the Mastermind dead, this version does not meet its expectation. my problem with the film is unable to differentiate 2 very similar-looking cops, leading to confusion .. thus, unable to enjoy the film as well .. *frustrates*

some backgrounds on the movie:
- director: Darren Lynn Bousman
- released: 2007
- casts: Tobin Bell, Costas Mandylor
- language: English
- genre: Thriller/Crime

the Saw sequel:
- Saw (2004)
- Saw II (2005)
- Saw III (2006)
- Saw IV (2007)
- Saw V (2008)


  1. I heard some of complains about this movie from my friends too... The poster for Saw IV is kinda scary though...

  2. weired
    Dun to want it ....

  3. akira: maybe it was just me, but it was quite a failure. i ended up finishing the movie with lotsa question marks in my head. poster is the one with the head ??

    梦幻园主之雯: hehe last one. until october 2008 .. :p

    jeromefo: do you mean, you don't wanna watch it ??

  4. housemate, why you always like to watch horror movie >.<

    Make me scared only

  5. Hahahah! Elezend feels afraid that her housemate will wake up in the middle of the night to mutilate her while she sleeps..... eee... that's a freakish thought...

  6. Yup, weighted about the head? Looks scary for me...

  7. elezend: its not horror, nothing jumps out of nowhere !! more of a thriller. do you feel the same way with ghost movies, housemate ??

    marcus: thanks for the idea. bewares, tonight .. i just might pay you a visit from atlantis. ;)

    akira: i think they are trying to focus on his brain - the most precious part of the whole film. they even took out his brain in the movie. XD

  8. Took out the brain? For what purpose?

  9. akira: after they took it out, they weighted it. i'm .. not sure why either. maybe to check what's the difference of his brain with other commoners ?? he is quite a genius after all. ;)

  10. I see... But the weights are kinda the same right? Just the difference between big brain and small brain, haha.. .XD

  11. akira: i suppose intelligence isn't dependent on its weight either. but still .. i heard human brain is yummy. :p

  12. I feel more or less the same for thriller as long as there's gore effect

    Don't worry marcus, levian need to get through my 999 level of door and window protection if she wants to get into my room

    It's under protection ever since she kept stealing my yaoi manga collection