Friday, August 29, 2008

Tag: 4x6

was tagged by -shiera-, my once long lost blogging buddy. glad to have connected back with her.

  1. 4 places i go over and over
    a) cinema
    b) bookstore
    c) anime related shops
    d) accessories shops

  2. 4 people who e-mail me regularly
    - rarely exchange e-mails.

  3. 4 of my favorite places to eat
    a) places that serves Sarawak Laksa
    b) american fast food restaurant
    c) japanese restaurant
    d) any places that serves fancy stuffs

  4. 4 places i’d rather be
    a) with nature
    b) in japan
    c) soaring through the sky
    d) back in time when vampires are visible

  5. 4 tv shows i could watch over and over
    a) simpsons
    b) buffy
    c) house
    d) anime

  6. 4 lucky bloggers tagged
    a) akira
    b) 梦幻园主之雯
    c) elezend
    d) joshua


  1. din inform me i was tagged by u...

  2. Wow, tagged me? Good thing, I can have a tag to do later, hehe...

  3. joshua: yes again. :p

    梦幻园主之雯: no worries, i know you'll visit. n maybe caught some who "didn't finish reading my tag". ;)

    akira: knew you like it, although .. it was kinda repetitive of the previous tags. :p

  4. Haha, no problem! I will do it as soonest possible... Hehe.... Will drop on next Saturday...

  5. akira: will be waiting. but no rush, lets finished your charity first. ;)

  6. tagged? I will try to finish the tag as soon as possible :P

  7. Haha, yeah, it finished with a success, and I'm so happy!

  8. elezend: no worries housemate, take your time (n connection). ;)

    akira: it was good to know, still waiting for the continuous posts on it. ;)

  9. Yeah, is glad to know my committees were happy with the success too! At least hardwork is really paid for the success...

  10. akira: it's a great thing it does. we won't one anyone feeling disappointed, would we ?? it's all worth it. ;)

  11. Disappointed sometimes cannot be avoided, but still failure is the key to success! I faced some failures in the preparation too!

  12. thanks for doing the tag! :D Same here. It's nice to be back blogging but I no longer blog as often as I want to. My schedule doesn't allow it. :(

    Anyway, I love the picture! so cool. If you have the chance to visit Japan, just contact me :) So you also love The Simpsons. It's cool that we have to many things in common :D