Thursday, August 28, 2008

yuki (ゆき、雪)..

my punk brought back a slimy snaky prey last few days. the moment mum freaked, i grabbed my mobile phone instinctively. he didn't mind me snooping around at all. n for those who asked disbelievingly whether the snake is real or aren't i afraid the snake might get me .. the answer is yes, the snake is real n no, i ain't afraid of it because my punk is usually faster than its prey. awesome little fellow, eh ?? ;)


  1. Know wat dear? Your photography skill is incredible! Just the fone camera, and de pics turn out this stunt! So two thumbs and ten toes up for my princess! ^ ^

    Tell you wat? At my very first glance, I didn't spot the snake in the pic at all besides the kitty ^ ^ It looks like real to me for sure evn if without ur clarification ^ ^

    Erm... If I were you, I would have fled away in a split of second =( I would just keep stomping my feet if there are any cockroaches, spiders, lizards, catepillars around :-S so let alone the snake! *sweat*

  2. Wow, Prince is so cool!!! And so brave!!! How did he do that, to a snake? Can I say incredible for a cat to win a snake in a fight?

    Gosh, you are so brave too, to take the photos at so near distance... I guess got some photos yet right?

  3. "he didn't mind me snooping around at all." :)) because ur punk found a great playmate already! omg.. i just realize that ur punk's head color same as Chi!!! X3 hahaha

  4. Judging from the size of your cat and the size of the snake, it doesn't look too big o.O

    I used to have a dog that kills snake in the past but the dog passed away and my dad buried him under the mango tree

  5. say hi to yuki!!!!coz so long time no see

  6. barbie: so glad you love them. :)

    count me in for the cockroaches !! i would join you hand-in-hand in fleeing. XD the rest of the bugs are still alright for me. but .. Best when they are within his grip. :p

    akira: you got me there. there are indeed quite a lot of photographs that i took. making the picking of a perfect photograph chances higher. :p

    pui: a "playmate" that soon die. what a greedy fellow he is. :p btw, who is chi ??

    elezend: not big enough ?? it is for me btw, especially compared to the previous snakes he brought home. :)

    joshua: i'll give him a kiss from you. ;)

  7. Haha, you see, I began to understand you more... Hehe... I really amazed with your braveness, where you took the photos with the snake so near...

  8. This reminded me of how my 三叔's pooch died due to snake poison. -_-

    Won many battles against them snakes but got careless in the final one. T_T

  9. joshua: he was very edgy last night, wonder what got into him. *puzzled*

    akira: its easy to get disapproved by others for fondling with dangerous animals, but i've only got him, can't help but to record down his life. ;)

    deimos: herm .. are there meaning within those words ?? well, sorry for showing him off, i can't help but to be proud of him.

  10. Chi from Chi's Sweet Home! anime lovers might go check it's short, 3min only each episode! X3 cute

  11. pui: oh ?? i'm gonna check it out now. thanks for the information !! :D

  12. He encountered with snake and scorpion, any other animals he faced also?