Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Instant Noodles

the adorable mini cup noodles was made in taiwan, spotted sitting neatly on the rack of the supermarket. out of curiosity, i picked a preferable flavour with the purpose of confirming whether the pig-looking-thingies really exist in there.

n it does, in a minimal number -- 1. kinda taste like ham .. *chewing*


  1. Wow, cute little piggy inside the noodles!!! So how is the noodle taste? Nice or not?

  2. yer~~~~so cute de...
    the taste nice?is it expensive?

  3. Wah seh, seriously got piggy inside?

    Where is my share?


  4. Wow! I hope that doesn't sound weird to you if I said cute instant noodle! Lol... :P Yum or not? *rumbling stomach*

  5. What? Really have those cute little piggies in the noodles?! You are not pulling my leg, are you? This photo is not photoshopped, is it? : )

  6. Very cute desune~~~~ piggy inside the mee too... adorable~

  7. /me chews on porky's head

    Reminds me of the spongy fake "abalone" inside a kappu ramen I bought in SG...

  8. Wow housemate,

    I've tried the same thing before out of curiosity lol

    I've been eating instant noodle lately, urgh

  9. akira: it taste quite delicious, kinda similar to other instant though. not too special besides the piggy. :p

    梦幻园主之雯: not at all. it is only a mini cup, cost around rm2. :)

    joshua: haha yes it can be eaten. XD

    cometh: *burp* you were saying ?? :p

    barbie: "cuteness" is usually where the girls lose their defenses. XD it wasn't bad at all, taste like the typical instant.

    宝茹: yup, it is chewy n it taste like ham. ;)

    foongpc: haha. no its not !! there is only 1 piggy inside the noodles though. there, this sounds more realistic, doesn't it ?? ;)

    choyyin: it is adorable indeed. n chewy too !! :D

    rollakid: no chewing !! there is only 1, n its mine. *protects*

    elezend: still settling down over there ?? hopefully soon you'll be trying out the food around town. ;)

  10. Haha, instant noodle will be the same as instant noodle... Oh, so the taste is good? Ok, I wanna see the piggy too, so I will go to shopping market and look for it! hehe...

  11. hahahha SO CUTE.

    wat flavor is it? i wanna find for it liao!

  12. akira: sure !! it was just some fancy stuff that caught my attention. love to snoop around for them. XD

    sharon: curry ?? my guess is, you don't understand chinese characters ?? it was written on the top of the package. there is also an english sticker at the side. :)

  13. Haha, looks like so special on it... Maybe someday anime characters will pop up in the noodle also! Haha XD