Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Manual Spammer.

another spammer ?? gosh .. this is getting boring. anyway, this time, the spammer apparently uses "manual spamming", which he himself copy n paste the comment n paste it into as many posts as he can. the 3 links given - dare, first, n second .. all link to an unrelated pages. within his "dare" 's profile, these 2 blogs weren't listed. n the bloggers in the 2 blogs are "motto" n "razet", not "dare". i wonder if he has too much time on his hand ?? he started blogging since July 2008. the topics ?? i don't care .. *shrug*


  1. To Dare spammer, again, get lost from our world!!!

    Gosh, you dont have anything to do? Better release your spam in your own spamming world, and not here!!!

    You are not welcome to be here!

  2. Die spammer Die....


    Anyway, I is no spammer...




  3. Wait, that is not even a link... I fail.... =p

  4. This brings back to my point why i enjoy seeing people in pain... an example of seeing this spammer in the worst time of his life puts a smile on my heart.

  5. I hate this type of moronic spammer as much as I hate caterpillar! Attention seeking jerk really gross me out! *revolting*

    Sound so mean? Lol... watever! you deserve it *wink* ^ ^

  6. Why so much hate?

    Where is the love? :D

  7. barbie: Weh?? Why compare to a caterpillar? :P

  8. akira: it does gets rather irritating when the repetitive stuff keep happening. but i'm planning to use blogger's captcha function either ..

    cometh: make Love to them after they die ?? i'll leave you to it. :p

    marcus: i bet him being popular in the web for being a spammer makes you (n me) an even happier sadist ?? :p

    barbie: it really is meaningless for them to spam like that. as if they were gonna gain any support at all ?? *yawn*

    deimos: i shall spam you !! buahaha !! *echoing in the room*

    宝茹: caterpillar gross her out, which probably means, the spammer gross her out as much too. :D

  9. Woh, now that is a bit disturbing/..... =p

  10. >>@宝茹: Why I drag catepillar into comparison? I think princess Levian helped me to answer ur question ady :P Heh heh...

    >>@Princess Levian: thks babe! *hug*

  11. Yup, you should do that... Oh ya, did you visit the spammer's blog before? I never visit before, as I heard once visited the site will get spammer's comments...

  12. I wonder how many people will actually click on the spammer's link o.o

    You post in 100 blogs and yet you probably will get a few hits back...

    What's the point of wasting your time when you can write better blog posts to lure readers in?

  13. cometh: now you're talking. *punch lightly on cometh's chest* XD

    barbie: no problem, princess. should have at least known you well enough. ;)

    akira: in fact, i did. i had to check them out before calling them a spammer or blog about them. oh my, lets hope that's not how i got spammed.

    elezend: those hits won't even mean a thing, since it is only once n never again. now that's boring, pointless.

  14. Hmm, maybe next time dont try to go this kind of blog, just delete it if you suspect it is a spam comment... It is safer not to visit the site...

  15. akira: thanks for the advice. think i'll do that next time i met the spammers. for safer sake. ;)

  16. Yeah, prevent before you gets something bad...