Monday, August 04, 2008


despite the heated body temperature n afternoon sweat, i clanged tight for the hug i longed for what seemed like eons. a hug that soothes the volatile n unsettled emotions within, a hug that is more influential than any spoken words.

overpowered by the Fear of my "freedom to express" being withdrawn, i was instantaneously taken over to the dark side. for days i stayed cloaked within the shadowy corner, for days i whined soundlessly.

the moment i was drown within that tight embrace, the world was suddenly coated in thick chocolate. as i savour the mixture of the sweetness from the hug n the sourness from the incident, suddenly nothing else mattered. i was soaring through the sky that very moment .. free at last !!



  1. Duh!

    I could use a good hug myself. -_-

    Then again, I am not sure what I want nowadays. The future is too uncertain. >_<

  2. Yeah, nice to see that u are happy at last! A warm and sweet hug is all u need, right? *hugging*

    What is on the photo?

  3. Carollium!!

  4. Are you the one to decorate it, Princess?

    Oh boy! I have to start from the scratch now! This is a little late to give you comment =(

    So you really soared up high? I wanna do that too ^ ^ Next time, count me in, okie? *hug*

  5. deimos: herm .. i would be glad to listen if you need someone to give perspectives. :)

    akira: indeed, but a sincere hug is quite difficult to find. the photograph is a table decoration. quite unique i would say. :)

    sharon: yes it is. :)

    joshua: 谢谢!:)

    elezend: adorable eh. ;) it is a table decoration btw. hehe.

    barbie: nope, i did not. it is a table decoration at a restaurant that i had dinner at. nah, it's better late than never. ;)

    marlyms: thanks. :)

  6. I'm sure u will get the sincere hug when u need it...

    Oh, is a table decoration? Wow, very nice and unique... Your table?

  7. akira: nope, it is a table decoration at a restaurant that i had dinner last week. :D