Tuesday, August 05, 2008

50+1 Malaysia

on the evening of August 1st, 2008, i received a copy of "50+1 Malaysia" from -QuaChee-. the small-sized but thick booklet is filled with everything beautiful you need to know about malaysia. upon receiving the booklet, i promised to write a short review for it. i believe it would be best to simultaneously demonstrate how it is able to connect with me ..
disregard the political disputes, i would agree that malaysia is indeed a beautiful n strategically located country.

as i flipped through the booklet, i approached the food section in speed. my love for malaysia is grounded in its unique variety of food. while scanning through the "50+1 types of Food", i halted at one of my favorites - number 40: the Sarawak Laksa. for those we followed my Dining posts, would certainly be familiared with my venture through town, searching high n low solely for my all time favorite food.

as i continue the reading, the colourful pictures from "50+1 Places to visit", which flooded the pages, caught me. the pictures with its tiny green descriptions below were examined, n i was once again reminded of how beauty exist without boundaries. with similar interest at heart, i attached each of my Photography posts with scenes that surrounded me, taken randomly to my liking.

there are so much More to be explored in the small-sized yet compact booklet. definitely a recommendation for those who are keen to explore the beauty of malaysia !!


  1. WOO hOO! first again!

    I have never once doubted the beauty of nature once. And where is the best place to find such undisturbed paradise nearby my home. Msia being one of the nearest country, holds much treasures waiting to be explored. Just that sadly, most "tourists" are not really made to stay outdoors to experience firsthand of what nature can offer but only want a comfortable bed and hot water to bathe with.


  2. 看了真的有一种冲动想去旅行哦!

  3. Woooo Hooo! First, let just say I'm finally here again! ^ ^ *hug*

    Marcus got the VIP seat? Next time gonna beat him up heh heh :P I'm the 3rd, so not bad heh heh...

    I cant wait to go to Malaysia and check up my princesses! You are one of them! <3

  4. Uh Oh! Sorry! Mind to tell which part of Msia u're from dear? KL or somewhere? Sorry to spam ur comment box. *blushing*

  5. Wow, I want the booklet also! Hehe... Yeah, Malaysia is full with beauty of nature! And flood with all kinds of delicious food... Yummy~~~

  6. why beat me? why why why? ..... *irritates*

    yup good and cheap food. OMG I think i can really grow fat there man..well maybe only in my dreams. I spent most of my childhood in Msia from KL, to Ipoh to Penang. I prefer going to hawkers and explore the nature there rather than some shopping places. hehe

    why why why??...why why why?
    *acting like a small boy*

  7. marcus: advertising has gotta cost you !! *smirk*

    talking about exploring foods .. *drools* oh yeah, n nature is also in the list. :p does zoo count ?? =3

    梦幻园主之雯: 说到旅行,多数人都流口水吧,包括我。:p 但和你一样,也只能慢慢来咯。

    barbie: welcome back !! hope everything is well with your exam. :) i'm from east msia btw.

    akira: it does shows quite a lot of food inside, you're gonna have fun exploring it. its difficult for me, since being totally scattered. :p

  8. Laksa!!!!!!!!
    XD~~~~ .....drooling

  9. Haha, I'm going to explore them, for sure, because I like to eat, especially local food... hehe...

  10. 50+1?????


  11. Laksa only meh? Still got bean sprout chicken, penang laksa, curry mee, sugar water(in cantonese its tong shui haha, Ipoh kuay teow, Chee Cheong Fun, Penang fried kuay teow, Bak kut teh, wanton mee, DURAIN, and many many more.

  12. Yes it's a great book isn't it? Btw, like your photos! : )

  13. pui: totally !! woohoo !! *gone crazy over laksa* XD

    akira: the interesting part is how some of the food can't be accepted by others. maybe preference thingy, or the environment being brought up in. :D

    joshua: “今年的logo” 是什么?不明白耶…

    宝茹: thanks !! :) but .. what is nice ?? the post ??

    marcus: i'm like particularly into swk laksa. even penang laksa taste different. oh yeah, n those durians .. *smirk*

    foongpc: thanks !! :) you're one of those who received the booklet too eh. ;)

  14. Great review! I saw info about the book on Quachee's also. :)