Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Tag: My Thoughts

was tagged by -梦幻园主之雯- n -akira- one after another, to reveal some of my thoughts in the following questions ..

  1. what is the most important thing in your life?
    - Happiness.

  2. what is the last thing that you bought with your own money?
    - lunch.

  3. where do you wish to get married?
    - where i'll be surrounded by my love ones.

  4. how old will you stay attached?
    - as soon as we're ready.

  5. are you in love?
    - yes, despite the challenges.

  6. where was the last restaurant you had dinner?
    - sugar bun.

  7. name the latest book that you bought?
    - light before day by christopher rice.

  8. What is your full name?
    - levian

  9. do you prefer your mother or father?
    - definitely mummy.

  10. name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time.
    - does a Vampire count ??

  11. christina or britney?
    - christina's strong voice is much preferable.

  12. do you do your own laundry?
    - me n my mum do the family's laundries together.

  13. the most exciting place you want to go?
    - Japan.

  14. hugs or kisses?
    - both ?? but if i must, i'll go for Hugs ..


  1. Marcus? As I said ^ ^ Now it's ME ^ ^ Heh heh... the one and the only one to get the VIP seat today ^ ^ First or not, wait until I HIT the publish button, heh heh!

    So, this post is about the taggie thingy, rite? I guess Princess forget to tag the next lucky persons ^ ^ Or you intended not to pass the game further? Watever!

    The response to Q #2? " what is the last thing that you bought with your own money? -Lunch " , but why it has to be lunch babe? I guess Vampire is practically and commonly EXCLUDED ^ ^ , so I'm afriad only white horse prince left ^ ^ :P

    Q #9: I dont mean to be biased, but I also prefer my mom to dad heh heh...

    The last one! I liked to be hugged! cuz it can magically enable me to feel so warm and protected! =)

  2. Wow, finally u did the tag already... Hehe... A week I suppose, hehe...

    We have the most exciting place to go, and that is Japan, woohoo... Haha, you want to meet with vampire? Maybe in your dream then... hehe...

  3. hor u~~finally did the tag...
    next time tag u agen...=D

  4. Darn barbie... Did you like wait in front of your computer pressing the refresh button on Levian's blog? admit it! i know you did it!

    Vampire huh... *dress in a vampire suit and bears fangs*

    I like to be kiss and hug too! Well i would prefer a kiss if it was a long one. Oh. maybe french would be the best! wahaha

  5. I just found out that we were born in the same year :) The person you want to see is Vampire ah? Aren't you scared of him, how about Puntianak :) want to meet her too?

  6. barbie: why can't it be lunch ??

    n why can't it be vampires ?? i'm like totally into them !! try this vampires post to understand my love for them. :)

    hug can indeed be rather magical in warming a person's heart. this i totally agree with you. ;)

    akira: sorry it took me quite a while. i finished it much earlier n had it scheduled, since i had other posts ready.

    i've had vampires in my dreams numerous times already. a real life encounter will be perfect. ;)

    梦幻园主之雯: sorry it took me quite a while. come come !! i'm more than willing to accept the challenge. :p

    marcus: vampire spotted !! *aim n dash towards* =3 french eh, you're like totally into exchanging saliva right. *drools all over the place* whee, that's fun !! XD

    jeromefo: am glad to hear that. ;)

    mohamad: glad to have you here. :) pun what ?? *puzzled* as for vampire, yes i'll very much love to meet one. you weren't here long, so probably didn't know my obsession with vamps eh. here is a post for better understanding: vampires. ;)

  7. haha, a real vampire in this world? I dont think so, maybe you can find it in movie, hehe... Is ok! At least you did it and I knew some of the details from you too! Hehe...

  8. Huh? Naughty Marcus! Barbie is stalking on Princess Levian, and I subscribed her blog to my Feed Blogroll List, so no need to refresh my PC lol...

    Hah ha... I guess the last time you keep refreshing her page yourself, and which is why you get the VIP seat? Keh Keh... admit it! I know you did it! Lol...

  9. Lol barbie! Naaa~ i dun refresh her page. I was just plain lucky to log in one late night..(usually my nights are late) and ta daa~~ no need all the hocus pocus blog tracking radar application thingy.

    I remember the last time i refreshed the comment page was when I was trying to find out why my comments didn't come out...out of frustration.... before the fact sunk into my head that my beautifully crafted comments had vanished to my horror

  10. akira: you don't believe they exist or because you don't like them ?? i kinda believe they are still hidden somewhere in this world today. :)

    marcus: give me back that lost comment of mine !! n now, i'll never know how beautifully it was crafted .. *pouts*

  11. Your full name is levian? that's a really long name =P

    I prefer my dad over my mom o.o

    I will probably go for hugs too =)