Thursday, September 18, 2008


slim n elegant, wealthy n branded, a mother of 3 at the age of 30+ .. just when everything sounded so Perfect, she isn't happy .. a husband that is able to fill her materialistically, but not emotionally. lonely n depressed, she drown herself dangerously in the obsession of drunkenness. in no position to hold her back, we watched in dread, fingers crossed n hoping for the best.

神様、彼女う助けてください ..


  1. oh, i love this photo...ty for posting!

  2. In the world where everything is about money and wealth, where one would struggle to even survive if lacking financial backing...

    People who is poor always wishes for riches, but never do they attempt to put themselves in the shoes of others, nor they have the ability to if real life experience is what that's required.

    "If only I have the cash, I'd send my kids to study in England!"

    "I can't afford a bigger house, it's just not possible! I don't even have time to take care of the kids anymore with both of us working to raise just enough money for food!"

    "I want the I phone! No money! Argh!"

    "No money see doctor... wait for death nia lar..!"

    "MCSE. Will work for food."

    When nothing like this happens, nobody ever thought of what's happening in at the other end. How ironic, isn't it?

  3. How is your friend now? Is she okay? Is she the one you mentioned to me last night?

  4. This mother of 3 at the age of 30+ is your elder sister aye?

    [a husband that is able to fill her materialistically, but not emotionally.]

    I can't seem to be able to fulfill my current lion boar girl friend materialistically at the moment, though she does acknowledges the fact that I treat / pamper her really well, like a princess / queen / goddess etc

    So what do you mean by fulfilling emotionally?

    As in, love and care, passionate feeling etc?

    In my case, I shower her with my love and care, but she refuses my passionate love.

    I get none of those in return though. -_-

  5. mica: thanks !! :)

    rollakid: this is where perspectives become important i suppose. dwelling never ends, n that's always the main problem.

    look for friends for advices n perspectives are pretty useful in these situations, since we're usually blinded during times like these. that's where the "clicking" comes in, won't you say ?? ;)

    akira: nope, this is unrelated. she is still pretty much struggling .. no, avoiding.

    deimos: nono, she isn't my sister. the girl is a friend we both know though.

    [So what do you mean by fulfilling emotionally?] exactly what you mentioned, those love that she didn't receive, or was given in a way unsuitable to her, is making her very lonely.

    [I get none of those in return though.] have you tried asking for it ?? seriously, we ain't that sensitive in the relationship thingy. but when the partner asked for it, i'll make it a habit sooner or later. ;)

  6. This is really an experience to teach those realistic people out there who equates love and pampering with gifts and money as one.
    Though sadly, most of the time, people dun really listen until they reach the stage of your friend. They always think money can bring happiness. Go on live like a queen or princess, but tis never the riches that meets the requirements of the heart.
    Riches can only facilitate events that can build a REAL relationship. Without it you still can build a real relationship.

  7. Avoiding wont solve the problem also... Why not search the help from close friends? or even relatives?

  8. marcus: a painful lesson to learn indeed. i had my fair share of it in another sense. but you're so true with the heart n mind. without them, it's like having a relationship that's either 1 sided, or completely drains you out. friendship too !!

    akira: can't help the person if the person didn't wanna help themselves, right ?? unfortunately, her parents are actually quite typical minded - "married daughters mustn't return to their home too often". wth, like they sold their daughters ..

  9. Aikz, I dont like that... Haiz, why the world got this kind of problem... Headache...

  10. akira: exactly. but yea, things don't always go the way we hope. as long as she stopped feeling depressed. but in a long run, it definitely isn't a good thing.

  11. Sigh...

    Just hope she will be fine... Let the destiny reveals...

  12. akira: true, we are totally hanging there watching her. hopefully nothing bad happens. *fingers crossed*