Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Zodiacs: Sushi

Lucky Star (2007) started by triggering my interest towards sushi horoscope, which i later stumbled upon the "sushi according to zodiac" page, stating which sushi suit each zodiac. half of the time, i don't know what the sushi mentioned looks like, so .. just for the sake of sharing, here goes !!

ARIES (march 20 - april 19)
you're a fire sign, and you like your food spicy hot. order what sounds good, then ask for extra wasabi, a magical condiment that turns any type of sushi into a red-hot delight. Then scan the menu for the word "spicy", "volcano", "fire cracker" or "heat," it will tingle to your taste buds.

TAURUS (april 20 - may 20)
your planet is venus, the goddess of all physical pleasures, that includes food and beauty. presentation makes any meal more delicious. if you're not fond of fish, there's a Korean version of sushi that replaces fish with minced beef. but either the salmon roll or the "inari" (sushi made with tofu) is just as hearty and filling. go on … try new foods!

GEMINI (may 21 - june 20)
"variety is the spice of life." so when you glance at a sushi menu, the first thought that will undoubtedly cross your fast-moving mind will be how to order one of everything. fortunately, you're rarely without companionship, so you can order any kind of variety platter.

CANCER (june 21 - july 21)
if there's anything that will catch your eye, it's eggs. if you love caviar (and if you don't, it's only because you haven't had it yet, honestly) then go for the best kind. go for the "uzura" (quail eggs), the salmon roe or the smelt roe.

LEO (july 22 - august 22)
you're quite daring in every department, so when it comes to food, you're a regular pioneer of the palate, and proud of it. next time you're in the mood for something different, go Japanese. invite someone along who's equally game for new culinary experiences, someone who deserves the honor of your company. being a fire sign, you probably like your food just as spicy. just have plenty of lemon water handy!

VIRGO (august 23 - september 22)
your discriminating taste buds and absolute worship of healthy foods have probably led you into japanese restaurants plenty of times. rainbow rolls, salmon rolls or tekka rolls are perfect. they’re all made from fish, wonderfully nutritious. since you think hard before you put anything in your body, if you can forget what they are, you'll love it!

LIBRA (september 23 - october 22)
there's absolutely nothing you dislike more than being alone. obviously, you don't often dine out or even order in for one. it's a given that you'll have company, so order several sushi entrees. stick to the rolls, so you can pass them around and the entire crew can have a little bit of everything. go for the arizona roll for spice, the tokyo roll for shrimp lovers and green dragon roll for the eel aficionados.

SCORPIO (october 23 - november 21)
as a water sign, by nature, you can be a bit suspicious of new things, especially food. if you haven't yet experienced sushi, try the unagi or anago first. the main ingredient is eel, found in the deepest, darkest of places, all ruled by your patron planet, pluto. that can't help but be enticing. once you've tried it, you'll be brave enough to sample everything else.

SAGITTARIUS (november 22 - december 20)
anything you've never had before will do. you're not famous for having one of anything, however, sampling something new to go along with your all-time favorites is mandatory. a "futomaki roll" has 7 ingredients, if you feel restricted by only being able to order two or three items from a menu so expansive, you'll still feel like you've had a taste of everything, isn't that what you live for?

CAPRICORN (december 21 - january 19)
frugality is your business. that goes double for what you eat. both rice and fish are known for their nutritional benefits, so sushi is something you probably enjoy often. in keeping with your "no-frills" preferences in all departments, ordering anything extravagant or high in fat or calories just won't do. you orders are made from basics: white rice, tofu and broccoli. try the new york roll or vegetable roll. what could be better for you?

AQUARIUS (january 20 - febraury 17)
friendships are your specialty, so you'll undoubtedly be ordering sushi for a group. stick to sushi rolls so everyone can have a taste of everything. just about everyone likes tuna and shrimp, so tried-and-true favorites are a safe bet to start with. the red dragon roll, the amaebi roll and the california roll for yourself?

PISCES (february 18 - march 19)
if seafood is on the menu, chances are good that you're in, no matter what type it is. start your sushi order with a tuna or salmon roll. new york rolls, yellowtail rolls and anything with eggs will appeal to you, too. try the smelt roe, flying fish roe or uzura (quail eggs). oh, and you know how you love sauces! ask for an assortment.


  1. Haha, zodiac related to sushi too? This is very interesting... Guess what, the first time I tried Japanese food is Sashimi!! And I fell in love with it since that!!!

  2. wah~1st time i heard abt sushi zodiac~special neh^^

  3. wa~~like this also can...ha ha

    i like ur banner de kenichi very much!!!!!!!!

  4. rollakid: atashi maamaa kana .. demo karai mono daiiii suki !!

    akira: first try n you went for the highest leveled food ?? impressive !! i tried out the mini roll thingy like "normal" people usually does. :p

    宿影: i was as surprised as you are when i first read it too. but somehow, it seemed correct. ;)

    梦幻园主之雯: met stuff like this the first time too. btw, who is kenichi ??

  5. Mini roll? Maki? Or California Roll? I love California Roll too... Hehe...

  6. akira: it should be mini roll, those with cucumber or egg, etc. many love california roll, i prefer the crunchy type. :D

  7. one of the character name in death note not call kenichi a?

  8. Haha, I love Japanese Food!!! Yeah... Wish I can have sashimi now!

  9. 梦幻园主之: those 2 characters are Kira (Light/Raito Yagami) n L. :)

    akira: you totally triggers my taste bud. i want my unagi .. now. *craving*

  10. Adventureous in food eh? *Offers a hand*

  11. *gnaw on ma-r-cus's hand*

  12. Unagi? I seldom have that... But mix with rice, then I would prefer Unagidon... hehe...

  13. marcus: let's go !! *jumps on top of your head*

    rollakid: oh my !! ah well, take that hand n hop on, let's all go for sushi together. XD

    akira: anything with unagi will be my favorite. it is usually eaten in the summer in japan. here, i actually wrote a post on unagi. :)

  14. Haha, you are really go into the depth of unagi world!!!

  15. this is cool!!!!!

  16. akira: for the Love of Food, i thank god for the experience. :p

    sharon: yea it is. :)

  17. Haha, then I think I need to do some researches about sashimi as well.. Yippie~~