Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lucky Star らき☆すた (2007)

Lucky Star

a Must-Watch for anime lovers !! for the love of otaku-ism, the anime has all it takes to make you laugh to your heart's content. =3

the anime portrayed the lives of 4 school girls - kagami (かがみ), tsukasa (つかさ), miyuki (みゆき), n konata (こなた) - an otaku (a term used to refer to people with obsessive interests in anime, manga, n video games). the anime is presented in a very loose sense of humor, making it simple n enjoyable.

some background on the anime:
- episodes: 24
- director: Yutaka Yamamoto (山本寛), Yasuhiro Takemoto (武本康弘)
- released: 2007
- language: Japanese
- genre: Comedy/School


  1. Wow, it is very cute!!! Chubby!!!

  2. All fans of Anime are here? ^ ^ while I have no idea what to say... >,< Well, cute Anime ^ ^ Heh heh... Have I asked u one about the spoken language? In English or Japanese? Heh heh... i feel like I used to ask you once, but I can't recall it at all, so *grin* Asking my princess again ^ ^ :P

  3. 还有。。。。。。。。。也看到elezend=p

  4. So many cute anime characters lorrr!

  5. anime,
    i am only concentrate in initial D


  6. i love Japanese anime,so cute^^

  7. rollakid: "baka inu, maguru, debu inu, yodare inu .." oh wait, this wasn't the ova. XD

    akira: yea, this anime is in "chibi" form, boosting the cuteness. :D

    alice: 是哦,也好好笑!

    barbie: yes you have, princess. no worries, i'll repeat the answer here again. :p all the anime i watched is speaking in japanese. definitely increase its cuteness. however, you can choose its subtitle to be english. therefore understanding is not an issue. ;)

    joshua: 哈哈,也对,elezend 的确用了这主角。XD 但本人却不知跑到哪里去了。

    pete: indeed there is. :D

    aarontch: i used to only focused in cute anime. but as i slowly expand to other genres, including gundam n action's anime, it's definitely an add. ;)

    宿影: definitely one of the best entertainment there is. ;)

  8. Haha, too bad in real life we dont have this kind of chubby characters! XD

  9. yalor......15/9until now..........???

  10. I resigned from being an Anime fan, lol..not soo..I still watch some somtimes

  11. akira's face in pic looks chubby enough XD

  12. Rolla, haha, am I looking so chubby? How nice! Haha...

  13. pui: the use of the intial D prodigy in this anime is awesome. even when i'm not a fan of initial D, i get the feeling exactly.

    akira: but it won't be special anymore, if everything is already available in real life. ;)

    joshua: wonder if she quit blogging. she definitely didn't look like the quitting type. maybe school was too busy.

    mica: i don't think we can quite this addiction totally. we might feel the passion cool down, but never fully erased. ;)

    rollakid: wait .. is that an insult or compliment. XD

  14. Haha, please give me a chance to think that was a compliment, haha... XD

  15. akira: a compliment it is !! :p chubbiness probably meant cuteness in anime-language ?? ;)

  16. Haha, in that case, I prefer chubby rather than cute... Just the word! Haha... XD

  17. akira: i believe you do. but rarely we call guys cute anyway. it is .. quite an insult most of the time. :p

  18. Haha, you know what, cute=可爱=可怜没人爱... haha...