Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival.

the headache worsen as my thoughts ditched me n started wandering wild without leash ..

i do have difficulties in understanding the dialect, especially without explanation. but more than anything it felt worst to be left out completely, both physically n mentally, during these few short tormenting hours.

on the other hand, it must be me focusing on the negativity that is actually "nonexistence". unconsciously i fought my inner self that "i used to be invited along". with the switching of scenes, dwelling became almost too natural, i soon fell into the pit of blaming myself for "what have i done wrong this time .."
me continue to complicate myself, drown in this humid n quiet festive season. the invitation of celebrating this festive day together, is left abandoned in the night, unsaid, unrevealed .. hidden ..
彼氏がいるの時まだ寂しいで、へんな ..


  1. Life's filled with bumpy road and obstacle. It's one's choice to decide how they deal with it. Some may just drive through the bumpy road while some might stop. Some might make the bumps goes away while others might just choose another route.


  2. Hmmmm, unknown dialect?

    Ano, nani dialect ka? heh

    Foochow kah..hahahaha =p

  3. Being left out? I know this kind of feeling, as I been thru before...

    Cheer up my friend...

    Happy Mid Autumn Festival ya!!!

  4. oh yeah. tat nite. 3 hours plus of black out. if it's mid autumn festival it would be nice. every one would have the spirit to celebrate it

    about being left out, i owes have that prob. most of my friends who understands me, advice me not to care about the left out. care about who cherish u more.

  5. rollakid: kinda realized i'm contradiction itself. though i welcome obstacles n the challenge itself, somehow i dwell in it too. ah well, guess no one can be happy 24/7 either. dang .. ま、人セだからね ..

    cometh: nihongo kamo shirenai na .. are you foochow ?? *curiosity triggered*

    akira: this year's mid-autumn festival sucked big time. having a sixth sense or something, i didn't even enjoy my family dinner. gosh ..

    sharon: this year's festival seemed to be "colder" than previous years. i barely catch any lanterns around. what if the one who cherish you is the one leaving you out ?? what do you do when situation like this occurred ??

  6. There are bad times, & there will be good times. Hang in there ^_^

  7. Aikz, then you really had a bad day right?

    Tomorrow is a new beginning, yeah!!!

  8. Mid-autumn festival to me is just another ordinary day =( Nth special at all besides eating the mooncake with mom and dad, and yeah, grandma and my sis ^ ^ Hmm... Happy belated mid-autumn festival to u, Princess =)

    Cherish ur mind, n be happy. =) but well, I can't do this myself sometimes, heh heh...

  9. raymond: you make perfect sense. i'm hanging on for brighter tomorrow. ;)

    akira: tomorrow .. more like 2 days later. since the next day, i'll probably ended up with hangover from the loaded emotions experienced the night before. heh. :p

    barbie: it used to be special for us until recent years. either we are losing the childlike side of us, or the town is not influential enough, this year seemed rather bored. :p

  10. During hangover period, will some songs able to heal you?

  11. akira: unless i'm blasting loud musics. but it only distract me most of the time, not heal me. i still get teary uncontrollably.

  12. Ok, I understand that... Why not you find someone to talk to when your mood is not good?

  13. akira: its difficult to explain i guess. but i do ask for a little perspectives here n there. just so i don't dwell in the same spot for too long.

  14. I see, hmm, maybe I can offer you some little helps then?