Monday, September 15, 2008

Death Note デスノート (2007)

Death Note

courtesy of -akira- for getting me the anime, together with the Death Note (pronunciation: desu no-to), for my birthday. ありがとう、明さん!

it was quite disappointing when Kira (Light) died. but it actually took 3 Ls to fight against Kira, which probably means 1) kira is at the advantage here, or .. 2) he is simply Better !! although the anime is kinda long, especially the repetitiveness among the 3 Ls, it was still worth a watch. kira has to die for righteousness sake as predicted, but it's cool to have the original-L tagged along. obviously i'm biased towards kira, whose side are you on ??

some backgrounds on the anime:
- episodes: 37
- director: Tetsuro Araki (荒木哲郎)
- released: 2007
- language: Japanese
- genre: Supernatural/Thriller


  1. Haha, finally you finished this anime!!! I like this anime too! Go Kira!!!

  2. I never finish watching deathnote.. :o

    Kira's cool, but I prefer Zero/Lelouch.

    I like Misa!

  3. Hi there Rollakid...
    A kira is here! Hehe...

  4. akira: you know when i finished right ?? just that i didn't post about it until i find its soundtrack (from you). XD

    rollakid: no .. just because she is the only girl in the anime. :p but than again, misamisa in movie version is really, really getting on my nerves, anime's is fine. :p

  5. Yeah, I know... hehe... Just want to mention inside in this comment! Hahaha....

    Btw, I like L too, he is quite genius too!

  6. Dun like misa in movie... so no worries here...

    Nobody can beat Kipi's misa cosplay ho ho..

  7. akira: gotta agree L is quite a brainer himself. but no, you ain't gonna be greedy now. kira OR L only. *threatens*

    rollakid: good to know that i'm not alone in sensing her vibe. btw, kipi te dare ??

    pui: i agree L is a brainer, but as for the rest of the arguments, it basically applies to which side you stand, don't you think ??

  8. Okay okay, hmm, then I will choose King Kira! Hehe... Wait until you watch Gundam Seed, there will be another Kira! Hehe...

  9. akira: welcome to the gang !! most of us support kira-sama here. =3 oh, there is kira in seed to eh ?? *waiting*

  10. Yeah, support the King, King Kira rocks! Hehe... Raito, is so genius!!!

    Of course, the Kira inside Seed is on good side, and he is the best pilot ever... Just wait and see ya! Hehe...

  11. akira: good kira versus bad kira eh. our kira-sama totally gives out a powerful vibe. evil, but so powerful. *adores*

  12. Yup, and Bleach also got another Kira... Did you notice that?