Sunday, September 28, 2008

yuki (ゆき、雪)..

not that it is the first time, but he always managed to impress me whenever a prey is brought back. does he really looked proud, or is it just me ?? ;)


  1. Prince Punk!!!! He is so proud with that looking... Oh, so squirrel is the next prey? Pity him...

  2. I haven't seen squirrel for quite a long time... it's as much a pest as a rat... to a farmer at least.

  3. *nail biting* That squirrel is ur Prince Punk's prey? *nail biting*

  4. Poor squirrel! >_<

    My pooch also caught a squirrel once.

    Me mum screamed when she saw what happened.

    Then she ordered me to tar pau the dead squirrel and throw it away. -_-

  5. akira: i wonder if the squirrel was dead when he found it. it was already dead when i saw them. but i suppose it is not dead when he found it, else he won't be interested as well. XD

    rollakid: so you're a farmer ?? *stabs n flees*

    barbie: yes again. hehe. :3 there will be more coming, hopefully you'll get used to it pretty soon. ;)

    deimos: my mum started out like yours as well, but soon gotten used to it. now, both her n my dad will call out to me whenever they found something. photo shooting time !! =3

    jchan: i suppose i should feel the same way as you do ?? but i don't. :p

  6. 可怜的松鼠...T.T

  7. woh, ur cat also know how to preserve the squirrel.

    Hmmm, i think my house got lots of rat...

    Erm, can borrow your cat or not...


  8. Wow, your cat is cruel! Haha~

    By the way,
    I've tagged you.

  9. he gift it to you.........He want it to be your dinner!!!

    makes curry!!!!=)

  10. Haha, yeah, maybe you are right.. Well, your Prince can be the next Tropical Hunter (in your house only)... hehe...

  11. : 捉了。他连邻居的也把它们给捉回来玩完了。XD

    cometh: not for rent, not for sell, not for anything you're thinking !! uh-huh, i know you must be thinking of something not too .. nice. :p

    cherry: n i'm proud to brag about him. :p thanks for the tag !! will be completing it soon. ;)

    joshua: yup, that's exactly the way cats show their "contribution" to the family. you do know them !! ;)

    akira: does being a tropical hunter include in bringing prey back to the house ?? :p

    pui: i suppose most meat taste nice being barbecued, birds, frogs etc.

  12. Oh, it surely does! Hehe... Observe him more often, I'm sure you will more preys than before...

  13. akira: i can't possible guard him 24/7. but there are plenty to post about. hang on till its up. ;)

    pui: fed n sleep .. u mean pigs ?? i still love them.

    宝茹: by the time i saw it, it was dead.

  14. Sure, I wanna see more about him! Hehe...

  15. akira: always wonder which one to put up first. i love the gory ones, but not many readers enjoy them. :p

  16. Just put up and you will know the response oh!