Sunday, October 12, 2008

Award: Butterfly Award

was given the award by -sharon-. seemed to had traveled speedily through quite a lot of blogs lately, n it fell into my hand. thank you !!
in the meanwhile, i'm gonna pass it to more female bloggers:

- barbie: definitely one of the coolest princess around.
- 雯: a girl who isn't afraid to speak her mind.
- 宝茹: a girl who enjoys traveling to the extreme.
- shiera: a quite girl with lotsa stuff going through her mind.
- elezend: a girl who .. vanished on us.

o' hail blogging !!


  1. Congratulation to you ya! Hehe... I got this award by several bloggers too, but I think I will do that after one week...

  2. akira: i, on the other hand, isn't passing to male bloggers. its weird giving them butterfly for an award. XD

    rollakid: arigatou. pass one to you next time, when it is less feminine. :p

    alice: thanks !! :)

    leechien: thanks !! :)

  3. Haha, is that weird to give to male bloggers? I think is because of the butterfly?

  4. you deserve it babe

  5. Wow, I got the butterfly award ^ ^ *grin* Thk u soooo much, Princess ^ ^ This award surely PUT a smile on my face, cuz you know? I like butterfly a lot ^ ^ esp the butterfly fairies in Barbie movies. In spanish we call it "Mariposa". I love this name as well, and I call myself ^ ^ Barbie Mariposa :P

    Yeah, it's a little weird to pass this butterfly award to the male bloggers heh heh... so poor Akira :P Joke Joke

    P/S sorry to give duplicate comment, Princess ^ ^ Silly mistake lol...

  6. akira: yes it is !! it's like declaring them as one of the "sisters". no way i'm gonna do that !! XD

    sharon: thank you so much !! :D

    barbie: "mariposa" is butterfly !! ah, i had been wondering what that word meant. now that i know, the award matches you totally. ;)

    definitely weird. i can barely accept treating male bloggers as one of the girls. my my, now that sounds like an insult. XD

  7. Ooohhh...thanks! :) :)

    Maybe there's a special male bloggers' award. But butterfly is definitely for us girls!

  8. Levian:
    Gosh, luckily I'm not in the list, or else I have to go see doctor, right away! Haha...

  9. 宝茹: agreed. it's just not right treating guys like "sisters". XD

    akira: no worries, i'm very very aware that you're a male blogger. :p

  10. Haha, I know that, my photo shown myself is a guy, did i?

  11. akira: or i should say, i know you more than just a photo. ;)

  12. congrats! indeed, your blog is one of the most interesting blogs I've come across...
    and thanks for the same award :)