Monday, October 13, 2008

pig's cleanliness..

pigs are often misunderstood, as being dirty n stupid. hopefully the previous post on pig's intelligence cleared out some of those misunderstanding. ;)

pigs are Clean animals. they roll in mud, but only because they can't sweat like human. the mud (or water) keeps them cool. pigs, who are excellent swimmers, prefer water to mud. pigs are intelligent, highly social, n sensitive. they are actually more intelligent than any breed of dog. like dogs, piglets learn their names by 2-3 weeks of age. they are social animals. they form close bonds with each other, other species n humans. they are cooperative n often defend one another. they like being scratched behind the ears and shoulders. at the touch of your hand, will roll over for a belly rub.

there you have it, pig's intelligence n cleanliness. better understanding yet ?? ;)


  1. That is the cutest picture of a piglet I have ever seen!

  2. So many pig post... o.o.. hmm..

    Last year the family almost get a piglet as a pet from my uncle's farm..

    But it was not to be.

    Gonna name it Botan if ever got one.

  3. Great, now you made me wanna get a boar as a pet.

  4. Haha, so cute!!! The meat also nice!!! Muahahaha...

  5. Yeah, agree with Web Host ^ ^ This is the cutest piglet I've ever seen, and with her swimming in the crystal clear water makes her look more adorable ^ ^

    Yeah, this clear up my doubt as I'd been misled all along that pig is an unclean dirty animal as it always roll itself over in the mud lol...

    Wah Hahh... Akira? You like pork? :-S I prefer beef to pork or perhaps heh heh... ^ ^ Diffrn preference *grin*

  6. haha
    oh i see...
    pigs are not dirty....^^


  7. Cute but there maybe some sad stories behind

  8. web host: adorable isn't it. glad you like it. ;)

    rollakid: 2 posts are considered many ?? maybe i should find a third topic. :p can we actually own them as pet ??

    deimos: are they even allowed here ??

    akira: although it is still considered as 2 different cases .. but, the meat is awesome !! XD

    barbie: must have owned by some pig lovers, to imagine they have their own pool for it to swim in !!

    akira can't have beef, i guess its acceptable that he loves pork. i myself enjoy pork as well, together with lamb n beef. my my, all those talk about meats makes me drools. :p

    forever hl: exactly. they are actually clean animals. many seemed to find it hard to believe. ;)

    : what sad story ??

    dav didi: so glad you liked it. ;)

  9. Haha, you know me, I'm in love of the meat recently! Wulala!!!

  10. Are you veering away from cats? :P

  11. akira: have you tried the mini ones ?? once roasted, the skin is crunchy n yummy !! XD

    alice: 是挺可爱的。:)

    宝茹: no. but if you read my previous pig's post, you'll notice i was triggered. :)

    mica: why poor ??

  12. Nope, dont have the chance to try the mini ones... Maybe you can post it out and let me know...

  13. akira: no ?? the mini pig .. or baby pig. they roasted it when it's still young. sounds cruel but yummy. :p

  14. This is eye opener for me! I didn't know pig is clean and more intelligent than dogs! No wonder George Clooney has a pet pig. And sometimes they said pigs will cry before being slaughtered. So sad!

  15. Hmm, seldom to see that at here... Hard to imagine the taste, XD

  16. foongpc: they will ?? i just learn that from you !! thanks for the information. :D

    akira: mostly it is served at restaurants, not just another dish since they need to roast the whole baby pig.

  17. Haha, just a funny situation I had thought about, hmm, the chef has to run and chase for the baby pig in order to serve us the dish... XD