Tuesday, October 14, 2008


was thrown a rather accusative statement, twice, by the same person who once Taunted n made fun of my Past Relationship.

a sudden realization stroke me, he might not be the Problem itself .. but his Insensitivity to grasp the harshness of his own words. though it might sound funny to him, the exact statement could reopen a wound for another person. a feeling of forcefully dug soreness resurfaced. still voicing similar remarks after more than half a year (since March until September), my guess is .. he haven't grew out of his insensitive-self .. yet. somehow it felt pointless talking sense into those that doesn't seemed to want it.

being in another relationship never does erase the previous pains, but it does make me clench tighter to the current happiness, served as a strength to soften the negativity by slightly slanting the perspective. n in time, transform into a less fiery leo. ;)

人せはいろい、いろいあたね ..


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  2. I doubt he even realized it. People used to say I'm insensitive long time ago. That was when I'm still in school. Never thought much of it until I fall victim to someone who's insensitive as well.

    Then I tried to change myself. I wonder if there's a change for the better, but I know it hurt just as much when I realized I said something wrong to someone I just hurt.

    No undo button in life, that's a fact.

  3. There is no undo for harsh words also! It could hurt and harm the deepest heart of somebody!!! I hate about that...

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  5. It's likely to be true that sometimes ppl Might not cognizant that their words Might, unintentionally, have broken someone's heart unless they are told so. It's probably becuz they are under extreme mood swing, stress or anger till that it gets the best of them and that is why their words might sound frek'in harsh to the ears.

    Another possibility is that after they uttered those hurful words to someone, they then realized... realized that their words hurt, and feel guilty about it. I have my sympathy for this case becuz I used to experience it myself, so yeah, now that I know how heartbreaking my words sound, how bad I wish I could have the turning wheel, and made a better change. I was an egoist back then * I think I am now still? * Even I could never take all those stupid words I uttered, but I really wish to , at least, let that person know how sorry I am for what I have done.

    Don't you think it's a good switch for them to be the victim themselves, so that they are given a chance to know what it feels like and how hurtful their words are lol... don't u think so, Princess? ^ ^ :P

    BTW, Rolla Kid? I think life is being so fair to us. Even we can have the undo button, the turning wheel, the time machine, or watever think that can twist back the time, do you think you won't make the same mistake again? Undo button means to make everything back to where and what it was, no?

  6. barbie, I think if we turn back time, and the process has the ability to make someone forget that we said something bad to them, it would mean that we *would* also forget we actually hurt them.

    So if time goes backward, and things goes back to before the incident happen, we'll just repeat the mistake all over again, since we don't know we made that mistake before.

  7. @Rolla Kid: Yeah, that's exactly wat I was saying ^ ^

  8. jan: seriously thank you !! heading over now. :)

    rollakid: no point undoing even if there is such a button. somehow it feels more rewarding when we remember everything along the path. n in fact, making life interesting no matter how hurtful it was. ningen wa yappa omoshiroi na .. *smirks*

    akira: exactly. n the one who spoke of such words were actually having fun n enjoying themselves while hurting others. gee ..

    kuting: it's done, not a problem. :)

    barbie: the person who said those words is actually having fun n enjoying himself. to him, what he said was funny. but it is in fact Not funny to me. there's is nothing amusing about making fun of others' past relationship. that was simply irrespective.

    the longer i thought about it, the clearer i realized he was just insensitive. he didn't realize that he was hurting me with his words. it might actually serve them well to be the "victim" like you mentioned, else they'll never understand what it felt like. but that again, wasn't within our reach. :)

    i agree with the "undo" part. i believe everything will repeat itself again since no lesson was learn. it felt like .. "why the trouble when we can actually move on". :p

  9. Blast them!!! Having fun while saying that?

    I really hate this kind of people... Just hope they will face this kind of situation someday!

  10. akira: i guess it occurs to those who still behave like kids ?? taking a closer look, there are actually quite a lot of us who "grew old" but not "grow up".

  11. Yeah, I knew that... The mind inside is just like a kid...

  12. beautiful photography

  13. akira: exactly. as people sometimes described as "their head haven't harden yet". :p

    mica: thanks. :)

  14. *gives levian an apple*

    Yeah, getting into conflict and solve it seems like strangely making everything more worth it.

  15. rollakid: *big bites into the apple*

    now you're talking !! that's the spirit !! considered it a discovery, or a chance to hold each other closer to our heart. one seriously won't care about mending a conflict with someone they don't really give a damn about. ;)

  16. I met with a guy just now, he happened to be my committee during sec school, still, his mind is still in "bullish" style... Sigh of it...

  17. akira: he might enjoyed doing that for now, but when what he did come back to get him, he'll be bullied twice the amount. karma is a painful lesson to learn.