Friday, October 03, 2008

Jay Chou 周杰伦

Jay Chou

i don't call myself his fan, because i do not fall for his person nor appearance. but his music i can't resist. a Fur Raising sensation that i can't say No to.

his music that caught me the most, is his r&b China styles' (中国风). the only artist that makes the style rock. when he started exploring the Opera slang (京剧), i was so thrilled that i hungered for it ever since. the excitement that flow through your vein !!

each of his music throws me into a sensational adventure - travel back to mysterious ancient time, forth to a dark magical kingdom .. there are so much more to explore just from the music itself.



  1. wow!蛮艺术一下,也很恐怖一下~

  2. 稻香很好听哦~~

  3. 我听完了。。。。。。。。。。哈哈哈哈




  4. 对了,杰伦的写词功力有提升了。。。。之前他写的都怪怪的。。。。。哈哈哈哈=p


  5. Er.... I think I used to hear my princess friend mentioned his name somewhere on her blog, but not quite sure. I have no idea who he is, but well, it would be great if I could speak Mandarin :(

  6. You know how I feel about Jay already, and how I think his songs are acceptable universally. R&B style gives it something special, but I won't say it's back to ancient times or what not...

    since I don't listen to lyrics anyway...

  7. ivanov: 你知道周杰伦作风的,应该不会恐怖吧。

    jchan: yes, i'm sure we all agree to that.

    : 我比较喜欢其他几首,比较欣赏快些的,呵呵。

    joshua: 中国风的我最爱了!有一首有“牛仔”的也好好笑。其实只要他作的特别、或像你说的“怪怪的”,我都很喜欢。另类嘛,一门艺术。他总会让人觉得很特别!;)

    barbie: personally, i don't think you need to understand his lyrics to enjoy his music. the rhythms speak for itself. you can actually Feel the message n atmosphere itself. n it's definitely a fun ride. :D

    rollakid: i rarely listen to lyrics as well, same goes for song title. to enjoy his songs, the rhythms are what matters. i suppose i'm one of the very few that imagine stuff when i'm listening to music eh. i love going like .. dragon slaying, or evil magician guarding the towel etc. 楽しい!XD

  8. 很好听的专辑哦...


  9. akira: 嗯,真的好好听。昨天听的兴奋得不行!多谢你哦!;)

  10. 嘻嘻... 不用客气呢...

    别忘记我是s-supplier哦... 嘻嘻...

  11. jay come out new song, my friend fever again

  12. 怪怪是指他自己写的词,曲是好听的=)

  13. You're not alone, I imagine stuff too when listening to music, usually something cool, or sometime imagine an "alternate scenario" in some anime if i'm not happy with what happened in there.

  14. I'm not really a fan of Jay also, but he has some songs that are truly moving. :)

  15. Yeah, music talks to the heart itself. Even we have no idea what it's all about, but we could feel the beat somehow :) I rarely watch Korean movies, but I rmb when I was in secondary school, everyone in my country was so crazy of Korean Drama entitled "Full House" lol... The songs in that drama caught my attention, nice song, I still listen to it occassionally ^ ^

    BTW, your fav color is reddie, Princess? ^ ^ Heh heh.... ur comment told me so :P I painted my entire fairy topia kingdom in PINK now. What do you think? Is it nice compared to the previous one? ^ ^

  16. akira: 你果然不简单。是多少人心中伟大的 supplier 呢?;)

    icalvyn: the jay-craze is on. same thing happens around me as well. XD

    joshua: 哦,误会了,呵呵。我多数不太注意歌词的,除非听多了才会注意到。像“牛仔”在这个专辑里出现,就难得被我捉到了。:p

    rollakid: a true otaku indeed. *charge while screaming "men!"* XD

    宝茹: i share the same thought. some of his invention is pretty impressive. ;)

    barbie: it happens to me when i'm listening to non english music. such as iglesias', no idea what he's singing, but the music is soothing on its own. ;)

    Red is indeed my favorite colour. you've got me right on the spot there. ;) i love your current theme, pure pink suits you even more. the falling heart is awesome !! :D

  17. 哈哈, 还好啦... 朋友要我下载, 都是可以做到咯...

  18. akira: 也就很方便嘛,他们能够直接跟你拿。:D

  19. 嗯, 对他们来说很方便呢... 拿个HDD来我家就可以了呢...