Thursday, October 02, 2008

Home Sweet Home?

the feeling of being bugged with trivial matters when you're sick is nerve wrecking. yea, Controlling, i get it. but would you mind backing off a little, just let me breath for Now ??

years earlier i finally figured out that i'll always be a child to them. the fact that they are getting old, has locked that "child" image tight in their mindset. further conflicts are avoided after i accepted that fact .. unless i'm cornered (i snap when i'm cornered).

for that reason alone, i have no urge of staying home. the only corner worth returning to, is my computer n the little sanctuary i designed around it. would be great to add a little privacy to it .. but no, even privacy is too much to ask for, monitoring is on 24/7 as long as i'm home.
but for Now, please just give me some Peace n Quiet, thank you ..
お静かにくださいよ ..


  1. Hey, them be your mum and dad, you will always be a child in their eyes. :)

    Me, being the only child of my folks in Malaysia since my elder brother is in Australia, means that I will be staying with them until the end of days. :D

  2. Aiyoyo, dont say until such that... You are the child for them, the precious ones...

  3. deimos: always BE a child to them, but it differs when they TREAT you like a child. like you have no thoughts whatsoever, please ..

    akira: how about planning my life for me until the day i die ?? please be fair, let us live OUR life instead.

  4. actually.........

    home sweet home is a violin pieces=)

    maybe it is folk song=)
    it represent peaceful and sweetness




  5. 冷静点~~

  6. I know their words are quite annoying sometimes... But I'm sure they want you to be good also...

    有些话听了就算了啦, 不要去计较那么多嘛... 毕竟他们是你的父母咯...

  7. joshua: 我跟妈吵,只有我哭、她不曾哭过耶。但你放心,我已经很久没跟他们吵了。就如我写的,那点我前几年已经看开了。

    : 真可恶,多一点点的信用也不行。

    akira: 我很久没跟他们吵了,你放心。他们说他们的,我就静静在一旁忍着。但是,我总有在我的地盘 (部落格) 发牢骚的权利吧。就我说的,我不是小孩,应该做的我都会去做,应该尊敬的我都会去尊敬,这点我自有分寸。但连生病都不让我喘口气,我已经到极限了。

  8. 我明白你的感受... 他们说的话, 静静听就好了... 不要去反抗就可以了咯... 自己有自己的生活嘛, 他们也不可能控制你一辈子的哦...

  9. I kind of imagine how it felt like. If it's me it's going to be a hell lot of frustration and that "but they are my parents" feeling and leaving me trap in between.

    I'll start encrypting my whole pc. I'll help you if you need.

  10. I'm not quite diffrn from you, but my mom is a bussiness lady, so she doesn't have much time for me, but I appreciate what she has done for me. She's the most loving and caring mom to me.

    I am an attention seeking girl lol... that's y I always say one of the best adj to describe me is d-e-m-a-n-d-i-n-g :)

    but sometimes, I wanna begin independent as well, so I need somtimes to be on my own rather than having ppl having their eyes on me all the time, dont u think?

  11. akira: 我都没反抗,错在哪了嘛…我唯一能发泄的地方就是这里。我不相信大家没遇过这问题,只是都被大人洗脑了,认为做小的就是错。这种乱掰出来的理由,我可不接受。

    rollakid: finally someone who understands the pressure .. thank you !! *on all four* the way we were brought up, kinda keep our mindset trapped. i keep telling myself, as long as i don't wronged them, i can do what i want with my own space. including ranting on My blog. i've gotta at least have that right for crying out loud !! gah~

    barbie: i probably sounded like some spoiled brat right now. i'm like, standing at the peak of the ungrateful-cliff or something. for the pressure of telling myself off, i kinda reach my limits, especially being pushed around too much too often recently.

    in my case, my dad is the one pushing my buttons. tones of frustrations stacked up within. i'm probably as demanding as well, but somehow, everything contradicts when it comes to this. i don't want any attention instead. *lost*

  12. 哈哈, 你这样做就对了, 来这里发泄哦...

    给我呢, 对于我不能接受的话, 我会反抗, 说出我的意见... 我不会让我无缘无故被骂或者被批评的...

  13. Yoshi yoshi..

    *pats levian's head*

  14. akira: 就像上次被长辈莫名其妙攻击(mockery)一样,我都没反击。

    rollakid: *puppy eyes*

  15. 好啦, 不要去想那么多咯...
    来, 笑笑一下... ^_^

  16. akira: 昨晚爆发了…真是的。哭了一堆眼泪不知为了什么。但今天感觉好多了。

  17. 好啦好啦... 不要再去想那么多了啦...
    没事了... 乖哦...