Sunday, October 05, 2008

kitty (condolences)..

woke up to find the kitty's body hard n cold. heat flow out of my body as i knelt beside the box n watched in terror. though the adults won't even look at it, we kept it for 2 nights. clean n fed it. it gave up on us this morning. we failed in saving its life, i failed .. all that was left over, is a few broken hearts n the bite marks it left on our fingers. how can i miss it when we haven't even bond ?? yet tears betrayed me completely ..

ごめんね ..


  1. What happened? Having fever?


    God bless the kitty...

  2. na mo a mi tuo fo


  3. 她永远在你心里。。。。。。。。。。。。。

  4. I know how it feels. I failed to saved a kitten back when I'm a kid too. I still remember every moment I try to feed the cat something and try to keep it warm.

    Alas, in the end, it gave up. I didn't wake up and find it cold, I was there when it stop breathing. I don't know what's the time, I only remember it's dark and it's raining.

  5. akira: not sure what went wrong. but the kitty wasn't healthy since the very beginning.

    jchan: i hope so too.

    : 把它载走丢了。家人不喜欢把它埋在家的庭院里。

    joshua: 嗯,那是肯定的。好可惜。

    rollakid: the moment i saw it hard n cold, was the worst start for a day.

    deimos: what a pity it didn't get to have a life.

  6. we tried the best already. at least she is in our good hand.
    rest in peace dear little one.

  7. Maybe is his fate... Hope he can get a better life next time...

  8. You know, Princess? When I was younger, I had the little chicken as a pet, and it was made into pink, the color of my heart. In my country, kids used to have chicken as their pet, and to make it more attractive, they sprayed them into diffrn colors, but of course, no bird flu at that time, just now :)

    I brought her home, and I named her Emilie. Every day I fed her, I took a really great care of her hoping that she would grow up into a cute hen, but not for long, 4 days later, it ended up with Emilie, my lovely pet, passed away, and I sobbed really hard in grieve, doesn't make sense, rite? But it was what I truly felt back then. Great memories of me playing with her, and hold her in my hands just made me cry even harder... T_T She was a part of my life, so losing her was such a horrible experience in my childhood life, but well, it's over now. I've never had any pets. She was my first and last, but I don't know if I feel like having any other pets, so just wait and see :)

  9. bun: sad, kinda frustrating when someone actually thought we don't feel a thing when she died.

    akira: it was a She actually. hopefully she does, maybe cross path with us again. :)

    barbie: don't let that feeling stop you from continue loving other pets. yes, they do died n we do get extremely sad according to the love we put in, but it's all worth it. the love is nonexchangeable, the bond is unbreakable even by death. ;)

  10. Despite its short life. At least its comforting to know that it spent its last few days under your loving care that i'm sure you provided. I'm sure it was satisfied and the happiest it was ever. No need to feel sad

  11. marcus: it is still worth the fight i suppose. n definitely worth the experience. thanks for the comfort. :)

  12. I think she is glad when you picked her back... Hope she can get a better living in next life...

  13. akira: i sure hope so. hopefully can meet her again too. ;)