Monday, October 06, 2008


Conflicts usually broke the completeness of a relationship (family, friends, couple). probably because i'm not a Dove (from the Personality Test), i do not resent nor feel threaten by it. n the mending part is far more meaningful, interesting in allowing you to understand another person more thoroughly.

the challenge lies in the process, similar to the mending of electronic parts. if a relationship is worth holding onto, the patching will work out no matter how difficult it is. further insight is essential, to see past the current discouraged situation. failure to see through the mist will lead to exposure of the fragile bond.



  1. If you have a dove friend I bet 1 sushi meal that if there's a conflict, he/she would be nervous by now and try their best to mend it.

    I have to agree with what you said though. Just like fixing electronic. If it never breaks down, you take it for granted and just know that it works. If it breaks, you get to know what's inside and how it actually work.


  2. Conflicts, eh, I hate conflicts... This will ruin my day, completely...

  3. Rollakid? Nice comparison of fixing electronic thingys to real life :)

    Princess? Everything will be just fine down the road :) You and I and everybody else all encounter problems in term of relationship. Somehow, we just feel like we shouldn't have been ment to meet or even to become friends, cuz it makes us feel worse when we first started, or sometimes, we wish that we had never know that person.

  4. @Barbie,

    Ho ho ho. That's my hidden talent. Due to the nature of my work sometime I have to just explain things in something totally different, as long as the logic matches.

  5. rollakid: there, you owe me 1 sushi meal. 2, in fact, including this morning. *smirk* but most of the time, doves tend to chicken off or stayed quiet.


    akira: it ruin mine as well, but for the closeness you gain after each conflict, i would say its worth the fight. n only those that really care about you will get into conflicts with you. :)

    barbie: now why didn't get that the same compliment when i'm the one starting the "electronic" statement ?? unfair. hehe.

    on the other hand, i kinda welcome those problems. since from there, we get to know each other even more n much deeper as each conflicts occurred. it won't happen if you don't even care about each other. that's the depth in conflicts. ;)

  6. Hmm, you are correct too!

    Got conflict, just find way to solve it... Just dont let the conflict became worse to worst...

  7. akira: indeed. n that's what draw us closer each time. which also means we are worth it as well. ;)

  8. When there is a problem, just solve it... Dont wait until it becomes bigger and bigger... XD

  9. I think I need to redo the personality test too... it's been a year since the lecture...

  10. akira: that's for sure !! especially with girls. if you leave the problem unsolved overnight, its gonna be larger the next morning, for sure !! :p

    rollakid: lets see if your personality changes, leave me the result in the post. :p