Thursday, November 20, 2008

Surf's Up (2007)

Surf's Up

the animation was often compared to pixar's "happy feet" back then. solely because both animation are based on penguins. the plot isn't as catchy, but it doesn't make the animation any less fun. there were quite a few scenes that makes me jump in my seat, thrilled n excited surfing through the biggest waves with the penguins!

some backgrounds on the movie:
- director: Ash Brannon, Chris Buck
- released: 2007
- casts: Shia LaBeouf, Jeff Bridges, Zooey Deschanel
- language: English
- genre: Animation


  1. I like this movie, especially the penguin inside!!! It is so cute! Hehe...

  2. 我好像没看过这套戏
    我有看happy feet
    哈哈 XD

  3. Compared with Happy Feet I would say Happy Feet is a little better in term of plot.

  4. Don't really like the story. But the animation and pictures are great!

  5. Wondering when my time will come again? the time when I have nothing to do, but just hanging out with friends, watching my favorite movies and cartoons, eating, sleeping, and repeat ^ ^ hmm.... the penguins are so cute!!! Barbie wanna watch this too! ^ ^

  6. akira: they are indeed successful in making the penguin looks human like.

    oms: 不会吧,你不喜欢 happy feet?

    kriscell: let's not compare like everyone else, since penguins are the ONLY similar part.

    foongpc: especially the tunnel! the ride in there was awesome! :D

    barbie: you'll get it soon, princess. when the hard times are over, there will be fun time waiting for you definitely! ;)

  7. Haha, wait until you watch Madagascar first, there are some funny penguins inside too, with high IQ and brains! XD

  8. akira: like in the first madagascar? they are crazy! some army or mob penguins. XD

  9. Haha, they are the same with the previous one... This time they are the pilots! XD

  10. akira: last time they drove the ship, this time the plane eh. can't wait for clearer versions! :D

  11. Ho ho, just sit back and enjoy the "ride"...

  12. akira: indeed! that's the cool part about animations, won't you say. ;)

  13. Yup, but for some cartoons, I didnt find any interesting part...