Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tag: 20 Questions

another tag spread by -雯- during her mass-tagging session.

(1) what's your ambition?
in life, to "live happily ever after".

(2) who is more important to you? friends or boy/girlfriend?
fear of lonesomeness, both are necessity for me.

(3) what kind of pictures do you like to take ?
natural laughter.

(4) do you think you have enough confidence?
no, i'm rather paranoid at times.

(5) how many babies you want?
1 or 2.

(6) do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
yes, having faith.

(7) what is your goal for this year?
stabilized in both work n relationship.

(8) do you believe in eternity love?
yes, it exists depending on how much a person wants it.

(9) are you slacking now?
it is still lunch hour.

(10) what feeling do you love the most?
happiness. the contentment is nonexchangeable.

(11) what do you usually have for your late night snack?

(12) if there's anything you want to tell the ppl you hate?
best of luck ..

(13) do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
yes, but only wholehearted ones.

(14) what does 'flying' means to you?
to own freedom n not controlled by anyone.

(15) what do you crave for the most currently?
crave for happiness 24/7.

(16) describe the person who tagged you in 5 words.
honest, blunt, fun-lover, playful, naughty.

(17) what have you done to yourself to make yourself happy?
pampering myself by getting stuff that i like.

(18) what will you become in another 10 years to come?
someone experienced.

(19) which place used to be your favorite destination but now you hate the most?
hate .. none that i can recall.

(20) how many years have you been blogging?
1 n a half year (may 2007).


  1. Pampering yourself with things you like? hmmm :P

  2. fear of lonesomeness, I dont want that too! And yeah, I like the way you laugh too! Hehe...

  3. live happily ever after is it an ambition??@@
    anyway,i am very naughty de o!

  4. Levian, today is quite busy aye? Hehe, no update for today? Well, take some rest ya!!!

  5. rollakid: what about it? what are you trying to signal?

    mica: to find someone to whine to, you'll have to be sincere to others too. :)

    akira: thanks for the compliment. :p ah! i forgot to queue something up!

    : why not? there is no restriction to the question. ;)

  6. Haha, sometimes you can forget to queue up ya? XD

  7. akira: totally! i'm so occupied all of a sudden my mind goes blank! :p

  8. Haha, that's ok! Maybe that day you were so tired and forgot about it totally...

  9. akira: amazing, i didn't know i could forgot about blog at all!

  10. Haha, totally blank about blog ya? That happens once in a blue moon... :P

  11. akira: something must have got me! they ate my brain!

  12. Tiredness ya? Hehe... Just take it easy and rest yourself during the weekend ya!