Thursday, December 25, 2008


Christmas Teddy

a christmas eve filled with much rain, yet miraculously sheltered from every possible drop. standing among the crowd with the artificial snow n fireworks, it was a thrilling countdown. followed by the almost 12-hours enjoyable outing the continuous day, this christmas was extremely fulfilling!



  1. Glad to know that you had a fulfilling christmas... Having much fun ya? :P

  2. Merry X'mas and have a great holidays .. :)

  3. i juz stay at home and enjoy sleeping...

  4. Merry Christmas! Have a good weekend! : )

  5. akira: definitely more than i expected! :D

    sani, joshua, oms, foongpc: merry xmas to you too! :)

    : as long as it is enjoyable for you, i don't see why not. ;)

  6. Wow, I bet there are lotsa fun around you and him, right? XD

  7. Oh my god! My princess got sooo many adorable dolls, and yeah, the cute teddy bear too ^ ^

    You know what? I had the party at my law school, but my Christmas party was some what like not so enjoyable >,< Not enough food, too crowded, and to make it worse, I was late to get to the party as I was rushing to buy the last minutes gift for my friends :( Been so busy these days oh oh, but I think I will end my 2008 in a good way ^ ^ Heh heh... so enough complain (^____^)

    BTW, princess? Do you use YM, princess? or Window Live Messenger? Wanna talk to my princess some day ^ ^ Let Barbie know, alrite? ^ ^

    Have a wonderful holiday! *hug*

  8. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

  9. akira: n working hard to let the fun continues! :D

    barbie: my computer desk is now crowded with soft toys, whole family of them! XD so you're not having an enjoyable xmas, let's aim for the new year countdown then! :D i se msn n google talk, do let me know which one you prefer. :)

    cheddarina: merry xmas n happy new year to you too!

  10. Good! Hehe... I want to see more photos!!! XD