Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gundam Virtue

Gundam Virtue (Photograph)
(photograph taken with my SE k550i)

unrequited love? mum said it looked like he kidnapped her. for me, despite their difference in size, it felt more Romantic than horrific. an idea, of course, contributed by -piggy-, the mastermind.
for extra information:
Gunpla (ガンプラ) refers to gundam plastic model. more commonly refers to the practice of building the models, rather than the models themselves.
by the way, if you recognize the school girl, do let me know who she is or which anime she is from. thanks in advance!


  1. agree with levian's mama

  2. These two are really a nice combination!!!

  3. your mom might be right with that one....the way she's held is a bit not in a sweet way. haha.. She should've been carried more delicately to make it look like it depicts love.

    Congrats on your blog made it work already. If there's anything else you'dlike to check or ask about blog set up, don't hesitate. You may email or message any of us. You know what I mean.

  4. Sorry to say but I have to agree with mom.. Anyway, I don't watch anime. So I obviously can't help! ;P

  5. 佩雯: that is a bad start. XD

    AKIRA: thanks! you're the only one so far who agrees to my view of how romantic it is. :D

    AYIE: to be exact, there is actually a limitation on the grips n possible angel to be "delicate". we had a hard time preventing her from falling under that embrace. :) n thanks for the links for the label cloud! however, i am still having trouble making it smaller. whenever i tried to resize the height or width, the font reduces as well.

    CASHMERE: guess my imagination is a little too wild, or i am too much a romanticist. :p

  6. To be honest, it looks romantic to me as well. Besides, there doesn't appear to be signs of a struggle in the picture! Hahaha!

    And as promised, I did tag you twice:

    Take care my dear friend!:D

  7. DAVID: thanks! i am starting to feel proud of having others joining me in my romantic thoughts. :p n thanks for the lovely awards that you shared! i am predicting more coming your way. :D

  8. I agree with your Mom.
    Happy weekend!

  9. heh heh.... tell your highness, your Ma Ma, that agreed on what she said :P it doesn't look like he's embracing her keke, he looks kinda wild :P

    Anyway, Have a nice weekend, princess! Barbie miss you *hug hug*

  10. ECL: the robots can get pretty sentimental at times, especially when you look into their eyes. :)

    OMS: 谢谢哦!:)

    BARBIE: wild because of his size? too bad i can't make him embrace her in any softer position, there is a limitation to his grip. welcome back again, princess. :)

    RAMBLINGS: many seemed to be sharing the same thought as her. :p

  11. If the girl is the pilot, it will be a perfect combination! :p

  12. AKIRA: i don't really like girl pilots though, they seemed to always fail before any mission can be completed. gundam suits guy pilots better, the girl, well maybe she can be the lover. :p

  13. ehm, that's the girl from negima i think, nodoka i think she was called