Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Sky (Photograph)

as much as i love to be myself, i am sometimes afraid of it. having the tendency to react in haste instead of responding calmly, jumping into something thoughtlessly seemed to be something i am keen on doing.

for my personal definition, Predictability is a form of Security; knowing what n how someone will react towards any situations soothes my anxiety, gets me comfortable hanging around that person. never cared enough to put it into words, but now it obviously is. does it apply to you as well?



  1. i like to know what the agenda is for the day, so i guess i need security!

  2. Does predictability count into daily life, hmm, include in meeting as well? XD

  3. i hate u hate u hate u hate u!!!

    happy april's fool

  4. I like predictability too. But then again, sometimes I like a little surprise.

  5. Sometime need to be a bit unpredictible....makes life a little bit interesting.....LOL

  6. RENAYE: agenda? do you mean april fool?

    AKIRA: it definitely does. i am sure you're thinking about having your meeting goes in a very predictable way, aren't you? :p

    佩雯: which means you love me. happy april fool! :p

    FOONG: a little every now n then sure heat things up for us. adding a little spice as well. :)

    PETE: what i was trying to say, is how cool it is to know someone inside out to be able to predict their every move. :)

  7. I get that way sometimes where I'm cautious as to what I say to someone while not being myself.

    But with predicting someone's every move would be cool. However, having someone predicting my every move would be a bit scary. I wouldn't want them to tell me when I'm going die or anything like that at all! It would be good to know if someone was going to commit a crime or something though.

    Anyway, it is a good thought you posted here.

    Thanks for stopping by my site again my dear friend. I keep getting tagged, so you might see some more coming from me soon! LOL!

  8. Yup, I did it in every meeting... Sorry my dear friend, I'm going to have my tight schedules starting from today...

  9. yes, in relationships predictability creates the security! :-)

  10. DAVID: thanks! i will be looking forward to those tags. :D the way you put it, it indeed sounded freakish, as if we were being monitored. but no worries, the predictability i was referring to was gained after getting together with someone long enough to know their every needs n reaction, in a sweet way. :)

    AKIRA: sure thing, just focus on your school n forum for now, we can understand. n best of luck! :)

    oms: 愚人节快乐。:)

    MONICA: you are the only one who interpreted me completely! :D

  11. I'm the only one?!? lol :-D

  12. I wonder when i can be a proper planner :( I kinda feel like everything is so spontaneous with me. Sometimes, I like it, sometimes, not really, kinda funny lol... but princess, i think unpredictability is somewhat good as well, cuz it gives us a chance to see how flexible we are when problems arise, how well we can handle things and such ^ ^

  13. MONICA: probably because i didn't state it clear enough. yes, you are the only one! :D

    BARBIE: it would be perfect if everything is predictable since we can handle everything that we Knew is coming. unpredictability on the other hand, just makes life interesting. well, since obviously, everything can't be ideally predictable. :)

  14. if everything is predictable, then our life means nothing then...u got strong 6 sense?

  15. AMEI: i don't mean everything if you are able to understand me exactly. i have got my female sixth sense, it works pretty well. :)