Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sasameki Koto (2009)

Sasameki Koto (poster)

they liked each other but failed to notice it any sooner. together they joined the unofficial girls' club n went through a lot that forced them to be apart from each other. though there wasn't an obvious end, the anime remained entertaining towards the end.

some background on the anime:
- episodes: 13
- director: Eiji Suganuma (菅沼栄治)
- released: 2009
- language: Japanese
- genre: Romance/Yuri

Sasameki Koto (screenshot)
Sasameki Koto (screenshot)
Sasameki Koto (screenshot)
Sasameki Koto (screenshot)
Sasameki Koto (screenshot)


  1. You watch a lot of animes huh?

    I don't have time for those now T_____T

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  3. ladyviral:
    i make time for things that i love. usually even right after i wake up or right after i came back from work. :p

  4. Cute anime. hehehehe....
    You do watch anime a lot levian.

  5. love the way your post bring out your passion for anime

  6. it's like there's never ending animes....i am way way outdated!

  7. Zezebel:
    i tried quitting the addiction, but failed once. i'm not even trying anymore. :p

    thanks, glad you feel the passion! :)

    there are still gazillion more that i haven't watch! not to mentioned past-years. :p

  8. Hi levian. I really love sumika and kazama since their story is more like realistic and very cute. Although its a slow story still I really love them both. Its very exciting and making me feel what really love is.. I just hope they can be honest with themselves and tell each other how they feel. Gosh! cant wait that happen.. I really love SK!! for LIFE!!