Thursday, September 09, 2010

Namewee: 黄明志

Namewee (picture)

from his Popularity to the Lawsuit, he never failed to amuse. since then, he continued to come out with more musics/short movies to keep the fans entertained n inspired. being a Taurus (1983) explains his sense of artistic, n his stubbornness on continuing provoking everyone who is provoked n especially, those who choose to fight back.


  1. He is talented...but too bad...he used it in a wrong way...

  2. hahaha well he should make it in a better way... but well he is good to amuse us here... wish he wont go beyond it or we wont be able to listen more songs from him...

  3. He got talent but he is looking for fame the wrong way.

  4. Tekkaus:
    ah, you are not a fan. :p

    that's true. stay within the line n keep us entertained would be favorable. :p

    thanks for commenting, knew beforehand that you didn't like him. :)

    oh hell yeah! :p

  5. namewee, for some he is a national hero.. for some he is a piece of crap.. for me, he is daring enough to say out those things that we dont dare to say..

  6. Too bad he got arrested for telling the truth and the racist got off scot free!

  7. prim3:
    he definitely is daring enough to voice out. honestly, we need someone like him a lot. :p

    fortunately, there weren't any more law suit for him to fend off. n thus we were able to hear him sing again. :)