Saturday, October 02, 2010

Shion no Ou (2007)

Shion on Ou (poster)

her parents were murdered in front of her during childhood. traumatized, she lost her voice ever since the incident. adopted, she played shougi (将棋) as taught by her father. as she became more popular, her past came back to haunt her, leading her to the killer. an interesting anime, though i still know nothing about shougi (将棋) after finishing the anime. however the mystery of who the killer was kept the suspense going.

some background on the anime:
- episodes: 22
- director: Toshifumi Kawase (川瀬敏文)
- released: 2007
- language: Japanese
- genre: Mystery/Romance

Shion no Ou (screenshot)
Shion no Ou (screenshot)
Shion no Ou (screenshot)
Shion no Ou (screenshot)
Shion no Ou (screenshot)


  1. kind of the story of cottonmouth in killbill...

  2. sounds like a thought-provoking anime.

  3. ayie:
    it is? sorry, i can't really remember kill bill's storyline already.

    awesome twist eh, i enjoy the suspense a lot!

    life ramblings:
    it is, n an enjoyable one too!