Sunday, January 09, 2011

Dracula the Undead (1997)

Dracula Undead

Dracula the Undead is the unofficial sequel to the famous classic novel Dracula (1897) by Bram Stoker. it has been 7 years since Dracula had a silver stake drove through his heart by Jonathan Harker, Quincey Morris, Abraham Van Helsing, n Jack Seward. the band of heroes succeeded in their quest, but were broken within resulted from the battle. Mina Harker remained visibly young after having a child with Jonathan, for her blood was tainted with Dracula's. Van Helsing aimed to draw an end to their fear by revisiting the castle, they found no trace of Dracula returning from death. but underneath the earth, Dracula's soul laid waiting to be revived.

it was refreshing that the novel was presented in a series of diaries n letters put together. everyone kept a journal of their life ever since the incident, n from there the different perspectives n emotions that they kept hidden from the others, even between partners in marriage. it was exciting as the story slowly progressed, n heated up from point to point, making it impossible to put down! its simple wordings managed to feed me its image clearly as well as experiencing the emotions of each character.

author: Freda Warrington
published: 1997
genre: Horror

- Dracula (1897)
- Dracula the Undead (1997)
- Dracula The Un-Dead (2009)


  1. This seems so dark and mysterious...I remmeber how fascinated you are with vamps =P

  2. Wow, this novel was written on 1897? Oh my, so long of history!!!

  3. ayie:
    though unofficial, this sequel definitely made me relived its original novel. i still am deeply fascinated by them!

    no, it was 1997.

  4. I have never read any of the Dracula books and i don't think i'd ever read one. not a fan of vampires.

  5. life:
    i remembered you mentioning that previously, almost every time when i posted anything related to vampires!

  6. *jumping up and down*

    OMG! I absolutely adore anything vampire!

    I own several vampire movies. One, being Bram Stokers 'Dracula' - the BEST. I also love 'Interview With a Vampire!'

    Sounds like an awesome book, Levian! I'll look for it. Thanks for the great review!

  7. ron:
    i remembered you mentioning being a huge fan of vampires for my last vampire post as well. Bram Stoker's Dracula was truly the all time favorite version of vampire story anyone could come to appreciate. without it, there will be no vampire stories we get to read/watch today.