Friday, April 01, 2011

Kurokami The Animation (2009)


the Dropperliner System played a huge part in their life, where 3 identical looking people will have split Luck in them. 1 out of these identical people will have the highest Luck (called Root), if seen by the other 2 (called Subs) will caused the other 2 to die while absorbing their Luck. that 1 person will then become the Master Root. the Mototsumitama (Tera Guardians) came into the world, while some aimed to dominate the world by utilizing the Dropperliner System, others swore to protect the humans. the story started when a human boy named Keita, met with a Mototsumitama named Kuro. together they fought to defend the human race.

their bond was the main attraction of the whole anime. while the rest of the Mototsumitama teamed up with Roots, Kuro teamed up with Keita who was a Sub. with so much less Luck than the rest of the combination, they risk killing each other in battles. however, their growing trust with each other, putting their life in each other, had them increase their power n reached a level even the strongest duo failed to possess. there were no dull moment for the anime, completely filled with actions n dramas.

some backgrounds on the anime:
- episodes: 24
- director: Tsuneo Kobayashi (小林常夫)
- released: 2009
- language: Japanese
- genre: Action/Fantasy

- Kurokami: The Animation (2009)
- Kurokami: Tora to Tsubasa (2009)



  1. Wow...this is intriguing...something to do with luck? Dropliner? Intriguing plot. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, this book sounds utterly fascinating!

    Both your movie and book reviews always grab my attention!

    Thank you for sharing, Levian!

    Have a super weekend!

  3. tekkaus:
    Dropperliner System is what makes the anime so interesting, n also for them to be fighting fate!

    thanks! glad you enjoyed reading about them. n hopefully you get to read or watch the read thing as well!