Friday, April 22, 2011

Vampire Kisses #5: Coffin Club (2008)

Vampire Kisses: Coffin Club

Raven was on summer vacation. missing Alexander, her vampire boyfriend, she went back to Hipsterville to spend the holiday with her Aunt Libby. from Aunt Libby, she found out that the creepy mansion was being rented. immediately she went to investigate, only to find out that its new residents were Alexander n his caretaker, Jameson. after a sweet reunion, Alexander sent her off, making Raven felt disappointed n disturbed by his iciness. she wandered in town, into the Coffin Club, where she then stumbled upon the Dungeon. Dungeon was a place where vampires hung out, opened only for members. she met with Alexander's enemy, Jagger, n a new hypnotic vampire named Phoenix. soon, she got caught up in the battle between vampires n was determined to find out the reason behind her boyfriend's change of attitude.

i failed to notice that Coffin Club (2008) was actually Book 5 of Vampire Kisses series until i finished reading the whole book. it took me longer than i expected even though the language used was simple n straightforward. its main reason being i wasn't exactly absorbed into the story like how it usually would be when i read. i was not one with the characters at all. like all typical vampire romance, Raven struggled between giving everything up to be with Alexander for eternity, or remained mortal. although there were much action throughout the book, there weren't enough depths in it. i am having doubts about following the series from its beginning for now.

author: Ellen Schreiber
published: 2008
genre: Fantasy/Romance

Vampire Kisses Series:
- Vampire Kisses (2003)
- Vampire Kisses II: Kissing Coffins (2005)
- Vampire Kisses III: Vampireville (2006)
- Vampire Kisses IV: Dance With A Vampire (2008)
- Vampire Kisses V: Coffin Club (2008)
- Vampire Kisses VI: Royal Blood (2009)
- Vampire Kisses VII: Love Bites (2010)
- Vampire Kisses VIII: Cryptic Cravings (2011)


  1. Hey Levian! :)

    I've never heard of Vampire Kisses, but I know how much you love vampires. It has produced a number of books, so it must have had some success.

    I don't read books as often as I used to due to many other things ongoing, but I like the ones that are simple and straight forward, too.

    Have a great weekend my friend! :D

  2. Leave it to my fellow-vampire lover to tell me about another vampire book!

    I've discovered so many awesome 'vampire-themed' books and movies through you!

    the "Coffin Club"

    HA! I love that! I think they should open a club here in Philly with that name. I'd go!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  3. Perhaps you are bored with Vampire stories already? :p That's why you have slowed down.

  4. david:
    i believe you are right. i guess it was just unfortunate that it failed to attract me further attention. i hope you had a great weekend too!

    i choose to read the book in the first place for its title as well! i believe it did attract me as much as it did you, haha. unfortunately, the story didn't live to my expectancy. quite a disappointment really.

    haha you wish! i guess the story was a little to childish for me, youngster desperately wanting to join the vampire society, or just trying to be goth or something.