Saturday, April 16, 2011


Sky (SE f100i)

harshly the attacker threw a paragraph of nasty words at her. it all started out when she decided to get her hands dirty after witnessing certain acts for numerous time, n hearing more from a common friend both she n the attacker shared. being close friends, he was in no place to voice out such sensitive issue to him, especially when their tight friendship will be at stake. as angered n offended as she was with the languages used against her, she knew she mustn't head for the same direction as the attacker. she had to at least try talking sense into him; for the main focus here wasn't her, nor was it the attacker, but the happiness of the common friend they shared. with crossed-fingers she hit the Send button, hoping for the attacker to see her initial intention, accepting it without distortion. n he did. she praised god for His strength He generously lend to her at such crucial moment, a moment where she could be easily led astray, blinded furiously by anger. yet it did not. she closed her eyes n thanked Him for the miracle He creates graciously everyday.



  1. is like you being the peacemaker?

  2. tekkaus:
    something like that. but i guess we can understand how difficult it is for some to voice out, especially to those who were considered close.