Monday, May 02, 2011


Teh Tarik (SE f100i)

after years of restraining, hoping by taking a softer approach she could round things up once again, unfortunately it didn't fall into place according to plan. she sees it as a sign for her to consider a second option. she found the years wasted, efforts thrown out the window, energy spent unworthy. yet she never stop learning. unashamed to speak the truth, she realized the moment she stood up for a friend, nothing was strong enough to stop her. it was the truth that backed her up, it was by reasoning with the facts that had her point successfully delivered to the opposing party. yet confronting he who stray far from reality she forever remained awkwardly helpless against.



  1. Its always harder to confront those we love who stray just because we don't really want to face the truth.

  2. Outstanding post, Levian!

    "yet she never stop learning."

    Brava! As long as we learn....we grow.

    Love the photo!

    Have a FAB day, my friend!

  3. lina:
    i have no problem confronting those that i love. it is the people that wants to work the problem out with you that makes them so much more valuable than the rest.

    thanks! glad i had your acknowledgment. i suppose it is the willingness to stay open that help us learn.