Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tiger's Curse #2: Tiger's Quest (2011)

Tiger's Quest

after risking her life to rescue Ren, a handsome Indian prince, from a 300-year-old curse, Kelsey returned from India, continued or at least hoping, to return being a normal teenager that attend college. she was determined to move on, despite still having feelings for Ren. she met with Li during her new wushu class, arranged by Mr. Kadam, getting her ready to fend for herself, fearing danger from India would follow her to Oregon. just when she was about to accept Li as her boyfriend, Ren reentered her life, capturing her heart all over again. followed by new danger, they fought for their lives against the dark forces and spell-binding magic, while Ren fought to reclaim Kelsey's heart. but during one of the missions, Ren was captured while Kelsey was saved by Ren's brother, Kishan. they escaped and started a new journey to retrieve magical items that would help to save Ren from the evil mastermind.

the second book from the Tiger's Curse series started out way better than its first book: Tiger's Curse (January 2011), especially when it easily had me connected to Kelsey's character through her every day life at college, with boys, with her struggle to not compare every boy that approached her with her ex-boyfriend, Ren. but at the second half of the book, where she returned to her adventurous life in India, things started getting boring for me all over again. more and more pointless information that are completely unrelated to its plot, were included, which like its first book, had way too many things i don't want to know about India! it was hellish and i dragged myself towards the end while started skipping lines as well. the difference between the first book and second book was her facing Ren in the first book, facing Kishan in the second. clearly i cannot understand why these 2 handsome brothers would be interested in her. brilliant for Colleen Houck, she again left the ending hanging, but i was thankful for the break, for while waiting for her to publish the next book in November, i can happily proceed to other series that hopefully returned me my passion of reading again.

author: Colleen Houck
published: 2011
genre: Fantasy

The Tiger Saga series:
- Tiger's Curse (2011)
- Tiger's Quest (2011)
- Tiger's Voyage (2011)
- Tiger's Destiny (2012)
- Tiger's Dream (2014)

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