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A Pillow Case of Mystery II (2010)

A Pillow Case of Mystery II

after losing 2 out of his 4 wives, Sailun became dispirited with the political world. he brought along his mother and the 2 remaining wives, spending all his time traveling around the country in search for fun. in one of the town, he met with Kwanyau, a con artist, who somehow got caught up in a mysterious murder case. it was originally not Sailun's case, but the moment a pillow came flying in his way, he was forced to look upon the case with the assistance from the pillow-spirit.

like most crime solving series that TVB came out with, it was highly entertaining. adding in humor made it not only fun but engaging. i wasn't a fan of Kwanyau due to her characteristic, but her being with Sailun made it a fun combination to watch. Sailun easily stood out as the story evolved around him, but we were not engaged in him as personally as we were with Kwanyau. although the pillow-spirit played a huge part in the crime solving part of the drama, he and his hints weren't as important as Sailun tried to portray it to be. in a way, crimes were solved as long as he went along with the flow. despite all these flaws, the drama was fun and easy to watch as it progressed from one case to another.

some backgrounds on the drama:
- episodes: 20
- producer: Lam Chi-wah (林志華)
- released: 2010
- casts: Bobby Au-yeung (欧阳震华), Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), Johnson Lee (李思捷), Joel Chan (陈山聪), Leila Tong (唐宁)
- language: Cantonese
- genre: Crime/Fantasy

- A Pillow Case of Mystery (2006)
- A Pillow Case of Mystery II (2010)

A Pillow Case of Mystery II
A Pillow Case of Mystery II
A Pillow Case of Mystery II
A Pillow Case of Mystery II
A Pillow Case of Mystery II

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