Thursday, February 09, 2012

Happy Family 哈比全家福 (2012)


after the production of 媒人帮 (2011), ntv7 together with 8TV and OneFM came out with 哈比全家福 (2012). the story started with the Cong and Jiaxin, a newlywed who returned to their hometown for Chinese New Year. Cong's relationship with his family members were as bad as arguing over every small matter. the place reminded him of the wish he made when he was young, to replace all his family members. after his family planned for a trip without him, Cong was angry and surprised to find them still at home the next day. Jiaxin had accidentally brought the family out from a photograph by using a "Happy Potion". although they looked the same as the real person, they acted completely different.

unlike Astro and MyFM's production, ntv7's approach was more exaggerated. the storyline was absolutely unique, engaging in a sense that we were often left wanting to know what will happen next during the advertisement breaks. what failed to connect us were the exaggerated facial expressions. it threw us off for being unbelievable, having a split image of Singapore's comedy style. despite the intense competition with Astro and MyFM's production in the background, it was actually exciting to see the improvements of Malaysia's film production after a decade. there are still plenty of rooms for improvements, but with competition on the line, we are confident that there will be better productions in near future.

some backgrounds on the movie:
- director: 池家慶
- released: 2012
- casts: 辛伟廉、蔡佩璇、李洺中、陈凯旋、林静苗、杨雁雁、蔡河立、吴天瑜、庄仲维、陈美君、王淑君、程珈琪
- language: Mandarin
- genre: Comedy/Drama

- 媒人帮 (2011)
- 哈比全家福 (2012)


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