Friday, May 11, 2012

Safe (2012)


Luke was an ex-elite agent, who lived on the street and getting into fights ever since his family was killed by the mafia. just before he commit suicide, he saw a young chinese girl being pursued by the same gang. he then impulsively jumped in to save her. Mei was no ordinary girl, her memory hold a numerical code, which the Triads, Russian Mafia and corrupted NYPD officials were after. to save her life, Luke had to outwit all these dangerous personnel themselves.

having 3 parties chasing after Luke and Mei was a confusion at start, but soon the plot started getting clearer instead of what appeared to be a blind escape. as absurd as Luke being able to win against 3 parties, it was easy to root for him, even unconsciously. unfortunately there weren't much development between Luke and Mei as we anticipated. despite the hints of developed trust, it was most of the time overshadowed by actions. but for an action film, it was truly entertaining.

some backgrounds on the movie:
- director: Boaz Yakin
- released: 2012
- casts: Jason Statham, Catherine Chan, Robert John Burke, James Hong, Anson Mount, Chris Sarandon, Joseph Sikora, Igor Jijikine, Reggie Lee
- language: English
- genre: Action/Thriller


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  1. Sounds like an awesome movie, I might watch it!
    Thanks for sharing.