Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Unearthly #2: Hallowed (2012)


just when Clara thought she had gone through with her purpose as part-angel, she found out that it wasn't the end. another vision appeared, where she found herself at a cemetery ground, struggling to uncover whose funeral it was. at the same time, her feelings for her human boyfriend, Tucker and part-angel, Christian confused her. the more she revealed herself to Tucker, the more danger she placed him in; while Christian always stubbornly stayed within her radar.

having roughly seen where the book was going after Unearthly (2011), the first half of this book became a drag for me. the story continued to circle their love triangle, which made Clara less likable by minutes. however, the angelic moments she shared with her angel father, was absolutely beautiful. together they went through her mother's death and it forced her to grow even for a little. fortunately, this book had a better and much clearer ending compare to Unearthly (2011), which was a huge relief while we wait for the next installment.

author: Cynthia Hand
published: 2012
genre: Fantasy/Paranormal

Unearthly series:
- Unearthly (2011)
- Hallowed (2012)
- TBA (2013)

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