Thursday, August 16, 2012

Anna #1: Anna Dressed in Blood (2011)

Anna Dressed in Blood

Cas inherited an unusual ability after his father died. he was able to kill the dead using his father's athame, sending them off to wherever they were supposed to go rather than lingering among the living. together with his witch mother, who sold witching supplies to bookshops, and their cat Tybalt, who was able to sniff out spirits, they moved from one town to another, banishing spirits. they arrived in a new town in search of a ghost named Anna, with blood dripping down her white dress. Anna was cursed, giving her rage and strength to kill the living. Cas hadn't expect to find Anna the victim, he had to find out what happened 60 years ago.

i originally expected horror after knowing that the book was ghost related. but soon it became excitement as we followed Cas on his ghost-busting task. then Anna appeared, things got further more interesting. from time to time, there were even humor to lighten up the storyline. Anna was both a killer and a victim, understanding her took much more effort than just the surface. despite being cursed to kill everyone that set foot inside her house, she was miraculously able to spare Cas' life. the relationship developed between Cas and Anna was completely unexpected and surprisingly beautiful, there were friendship and maybe a slight hint of romance.

author: Kendare Blake
published: 2011
genre: Fatansy/Supernatural

- Anna Dressed in Blood (2011)
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