Friday, August 24, 2012

The Sweet #1: Sweet Evil (2012)

Sweet Evil

Anna was born with a sixth sense to see and feel the emotions of others. being the ultimate good girl, she struggled to distant herself from drugs and alcohols that seemed to have the strength to lure her in. things changed the moment she turned sixteen and met with a handsome drummer named Kaidan. he revealed to her their heritage, but different from Kaidan who was born the son of a fallen angel and a human, Anna was the daughter of a fallen angel and an angel. and being a Nephilim meant responsibility to spread bad influences.

Sweet Evil (2012) was an absolute fast read. it was so captivating that it was difficult to tear myself away from lovable Anna. Kaidan was unfortunately frustrating to watch. even though he was the one who sought Anna out after laying eyes on her for the first time, knowing she was somehow similar yet different from him, his fear for his father had him reject her again and again while he eventually returned for her. Anna however, was a wonderful character so innocent and sweet, making not rooting for her to be the utmost difficult task ever. the book was definitely original, its twists made reading it an exciting and worthwhile experience.

author: Wendy Higgins
published: 2012
genre: Paranormal/Romance

The Sweet Trilogy:
- Sweet Evil (2012)
- Sweet Hope (2013)

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