Saturday, August 04, 2012

Want #1: Want (2012)


Julianne lived in a small town called Mobile. she was seventeen, with extraordinary talent for playing piano and dreaming of attending a music school in Boston, away from her abusive mother. after Mr. Cline had his stroke, Julianne had no mentor until Mr. Cline sent his nephew Isaac. Isaac graduated from the same music school in Boston that Julianne wanted in, which made him a perfect mentor. they were attracted to each other, but Isaac's history didn't give him too much freedom to be with a girl 11-years younger than him. while they struggled with their inner demon, they supported each other.

Want (2012) brought out so much emotions flipping through. it was unpredictable most of the time, especially the seemingly desperate yet beautiful twist at its very end. while Julianne had to cope with her abusive mother, she was harming herself secretly, letting the physical pain overcame the mental pain. she was a sensitive girl, in love with a wrong man that shut her out constantly and let her back in again. the insecurity eventually broke her. Want (2012) being such a page-turner, it was easy to root for Julianne and felt her pain. everything was so intense every now and then yet still remained realistic and believable until the very end.

author: Stephanie Lawton
published: 2012
genre: Drama/Romance

Want series:
- Want (2012)
- Need (2013)

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