Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cool Cat #1: The Girl With the Cat Tattoo (2012)

The Girl With the Cat Tattoo

Max was Melody's cat. ever since David died, Melody was lonely. during the day, she was a librarian at a children's library, but at night she would party in various clubs and brought home all the wrong men. Max could no longer stand it. one day he made up his mind to find the right man for Melody. he jumped out of the safety of their compound into the terrifying world outside. he came across the first man he found most suitable for Melody at the shelter. he led Joe home to Melody and waited for the magic to happen.

Max was a lovable character, definitely a cat with an attitude. being a cat person, i especially love the part where Max could understand human's language. i enjoyed his explorations while sharing his thoughts. but when the story came to the human's point of views, i got slightly deflated. it was difficult to thoroughly love Melody and Joe. they were good characters, just too random and not engaging enough for me to care much about them. the book was fun because it gave Max a correct attitude, so completely full of himself like a cat should be.

author: Theresa Weir
published: 2012
genre: Romance/Mystery

Cool Cat trilogy:
- The Girl With the Cat Tattoo (2012)

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