Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Dark Companion (2012)

Dark Companion

Jane grew up in a foster home in a run-down town called Helmsdale. when she was offered scholarship in an elite school with her own living quarters, it was too good to be true. at Birch Grove, weird things started happening. soon she suspected that the elegant headmistress and her sons, Lucky and Jack, were hiding secrets. Lucky was the gorgeous perfect boy that everyone was after, while Jack the slightly puzzling one. the longer she stayed in Birch Grove, the more she found out about the disappearance of Bebe and Claire, both she soon discovered, were from Helmsdale.

Dark Companion (2012) had a different vibe and pace compared to other Gothic novels. Jane was an awkward character that made friends surprisingly easy in Birch Grove. she relaxed around them and became such lovable character. but when Lucky was involved, her emotions became strangely unstable, even though she can be herself around Jack. the good and bad guys were obvious at this point, but the secret behind their strange behaviors was withheld for so long that when it was finally revealed, it doesn't quite match up with the anticipation nor gave enough satisfaction in return. despite the downside, Dark Companion (2012) was different thus entertaining.

author: Marta Acosta
published: 2012
genre: Paranormal/Romance

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