Monday, October 15, 2012

My Life in Black and White (2012)

My Life in Black and White

Alexa had always been beautiful girl and the center of attention. she had butter-colored hair a and perfect body that got her a group of friends, a boyfriend, even a promising modelling career in the near future. but one night, when she partying with her friends, she came across the scene where her boyfriend, Ryan was making out with Taylor, her best friend. it sent her running to Jarrod for a ride home. but Jarrod had a fantasy of his own, pestering Alexa to touch him while he drove. she fought back and that sent their car crashing into a tree, throwing Alexa out of the windshield. the accident disfigured her, thrashing her confidence, and her friends no longer knew how to talk to her without her pretty face.

My Life in Black and White (2012) was absolutely different and engaging especially emotionally. Alexa was a character so easy to relate to, a perfect girl whom only the privileged were allowed to get near to. the crash no only brought her back onto the ground, it gave her a much more beautiful energy and attitude that she was finally not some random self-centered character. thanks to her nerdy sister, Ruthie, she was able to progress through the change that made her an even bigger star among her friends, tightening the bonds that had long turned sour. Alexa's growth after suffering a traumatic event was what made My Life in Black and White (2012) outshone the other books in a breeze.

author: Natasha Friend
published: 2012
genre: Romance

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