Sunday, October 07, 2012

Never Enough (2012)

Never Enough

Loann and Claire used to be very closed sisters. Claire was pretty and popular, often surrounded by friends and her boyfriend Josh. Loann watched enviously, longing to be her perfect sister. one day Josh started flirting with her and people from the popular group started showing interest in her, even stopping by the cafe where she and her friend, Marcus worked. Loann was eager to step into their world, eager to experience the world her sister was in. but soon she discovered Claire's world was a difficult place and nothing was as perfect as it seemed. at the same time, Clare was rushed into the hospital with stomach problem.

Never Enough (2012) was heart-wrenching to read. i found myself crying in Loann's place, feeling her pain and lost. it was shocking to know how eating disorder could threaten not one life but destroying the whole family along with it. even though Loann was able to discovered Claire's secret, she didn't know how to help nor could understand the extent of the problem. it was also surprising to know that Claire too, was jealous of Loann in her own ways. Never Enough (2012) had my attention throughout the whole book, it was engaging and pulled me strongly into their world. despite having my heart broken while reading, it gave life a whole new perspective, and love is never too far away.

author: Denise Jaden
published: 2012
genre: Romance

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